AmBank Championship Monday

American Bank of Commerce LogoAt the Soldier Hollow Classic, every day is filled with entertainment for your family!  On Monday, Labor Day, we celebrate the first three days of competition at the AmBank Grand Championship.  It is a day filled with anticipation not just on the hillside, but throughout the venue.  The top Splash Dog competitors are leaping against one another to see who can go the highest and the farthest.  Agility dogs will be showing you their speed and training in their unique sports.  Every demonstrator, vendor and competitor feeds off the energy of Championship Monday.  You will discover that it will affect you also!

Just a reminder:  Spectator dogs are not allowed.  Service and seeing eye dogs welcomed.

Ambank Labor Day Grand Championship

The greatest anticipation is reserved for the Ambank Sheepdog Finals which features the top 15 dogs from three days of competition and asks them to compete on a course many times more difficult than that of the first three days.  You’ll see the dogs gather two groups of sheep on the hillside (the double lift), separate marked from unmarked sheep and tuck the sheep nicely into a small pen.  It’s all done in 24 minutes and done with the care of the sheep as the priority.  The best shepherd takes home the Gold Medal and lion’s share of $30,000 in prize money!

Vita Bone Shootout

Every Border Collie that runs at Soldier Hollow is a great dog!  So you can understand that just missing the Grand Championship by a point or two can be a real disappointment.  Enter the “Shootout.”  This crowd pleasing competition features the next ten dogs that just missed the final.  This gives those competitors one last opportunity to take the field and go for the $1,000 prize for the team with the best score.  The Vita Bone Shootout is designed to be fast paced and the competition is stiff!  Three sheep are released right up close to the stands and the dog has just 5 minutes to take the sheep through a course that includes a cross panels, a Y gate, a bridge and finally a pen. It’s fun, it’s fast paced and one of the highlights of Championship Monday.

Olympic Style Medals Ceremonies

Once the last Border Collie runs in the Vita Bone Shootout, the Medals and Closing Ceremonies will begin.  Rooted in Soldier Hollow’s heritage as a Winter Olympic Venue, our closing ceremonies are an entertainment experience in their own right.  You’ll hear the sounds of bagpipes and drums lofting over the hilltop.  All 320 sheep are turned out on to the trial field.  Then you will see the full Salt Lake Scots Bagpipe Band crest the hill above and march down the mountainside with pipes playing, down through the sheep to the medals stands where medals are awarded, and the national anthem of the Gold Medalist is played as all three national flags of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists are awarded.