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Sheepdog Championship


Come visit Soldier Hollow and see the world’s most highly trained dogs (border collies) and their handlers test themselves on Soldier Hollow’s Olympic Hillside. Working up to 400 yards from their handler – these dogs must work with precision and gather wild range Rocky Mountain ewes, bringing them down the mountainside along a preset course and through freestanding gates. The process ends in front of the stands where the dog must separate certain sheep from others and then place the sheep in a small pen.  The work is judged for quality and care of the sheep and must be completed in just 13 minutes.  It has a beauty and intensity that is captivating!

Just a reminder:  Spectator dogs are not allowed.  Service and seeing eye dogs welcomed.


Running Order and Results

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Handler Dog Results
Faansie Basson Jack 140
Amanda Milliken Dorey 118
Derek Fisher Nell 143
Mary Minor Feist DQ
Carol Nelson Tiki 95
Bryan White Brae 101
Angie Coker-Sells Soot 150
Dianne Deal Kate RT
Mich Ferraro Mawde 135
Angie Coker-Sells Link 81
Barbara Ray Maverick 145
Lou Gilbert Kate RT
Amanda Milliken Howell 127
Scott Glen Alice 145
Pam Boring Jim 95
Carol Clawson Kita 94
Faansie Basson Sam 135
Tom Wilson Kate 91


Handler Dog Results Handler Dog Results Handler Dog Results
1 Carol Clawson Kita 38 1 Mich Ferraro Mawde 74 1 Tom Wilson Roy SCR
2 Faansie Basson Jack 65 2 Mary Ann Duffy Gwen 65 2 Beverly Lambert Roy DQ
3 Bob Washer Zev 60 3 Kristin Sittner Spy 62 3 Pam Boring Jim 84
4 Angie Coker-Sells Soot 33 4 Karen Zamora TJ 61 4 Amanda Milliken Howell 83
5 Terry Murray Minette 46 5 Jean Gellings Missy 76 5 Barbara Ray Maverick 92
6 Dennis Edwards Roy 71 6 Barbara Ray Grant 65 6 Carol Nelson Kale 83
7 Dianne Deal Kate 77 7 Brent Phelps Pete 71 7 Faansie Basson Sam 93
8 Amanda Milliken Dorey 88 8 Tom Wilson Kate 69 8 Angie Coker-Sells Link 90
9 Cy Peterson Reba 64 9 Derek Fisher Nell 89 9 Carol Clawson Timp 77
10 Bridget Strang Ellie RT 10 Dennis Gellings Soot RT 10 Shauna Gourley Terra 74
11 Shauna Gourley Jade 63 11 Scott Maxfield Belle 63 11 Scott Glen Taff 77
12 Patrick Shannahan Lena 58 12 Jennifer Glen Grit 66 12 Kay Stephens Storm 70
13 Mary Minor Feist 70 13 Bob Washer Cork 71 13 Dianne Deal Sway 61
14 Kay Stephens Jep 46 14 Cy Peterson Erin 46 14 Patrick Shannahan Greg DQ
15 Diana Sylvestre Jemma 58 15 Scott Glen Alice 83 15 Mich Ferraro Puppa 61
16 Mary Ann Duffy Jill RT 16 Karen Zamora Brad 46 16 Mary Minor Tané 82
17 Fernando Loiola Alves Nex DQ 17 Karen Stanley Ella 58 17 Bryan White Brae 69
18 Jean Gellings Quinn 74 18 Carol Nelson Tiki 71 18 Dennis Gellings Tess 53
19 Lou Gilbert Kate 54 19 Diana Sylvestre Kip 59 23 Faansie Basson Jack 90
20 Jo Ferguson Brite RT 20 Beverly Lambert Lee 69 25 Amanda Milliken Dorey 86
21 Brent Phelps Jake RT 21 Dennis Edwards Coup 71 19 Bridget Strang Ben 74
22 Bryan White Gus 47 22 Fernando Loiola Alves Ben 56 20 Barbara Ray Grant DQ
23 Mike Lupow Pawn 28 23 Bridget Strang Ellie 51 21 Derek Fisher Nell 89
24 Tom Wilson Roy 71 24 Terry Murray Minette 75 22 Jo Ferguson Brite 44
25 Mary Minor Tané 68 25 Carol Clawson Kita 88 24 Beverly Lambert Lee 70
26 Carol Clawson Timp 61 26 Angie Coker-Sells Soot 85 26 Shauna Gourley Jade 75
27 Beverly Lambert Roy RT 27 Kay Stephens Storm 77 27 Karen Stanley Ella RT
28 Angie Coker-Sells Link 76 28 Dennis Gellings Tess 73 28 Fernando Loiola Alves Ben 73
29 Bob Washer Cork 50 29 Mich Ferraro Puppa 62 29 Scott Glen Alice 81
30 Cy Peterson Erin 36 30 Carol Nelson Kale 53 30 Dennis Edwards Coup 64
31 Dianne Deal Sway 60 31 Bryan White Gus RT 39 Lou Gilbert Kate 83
32 Karen Zamora TJ RT 32 Mary Minor Feist 82 32 Bob Washer Zev 77
33 Jennifer Glen Grit 61 33 Shauna Gourley Terra RT 33 Brent Phelps Pete 79
34 Bridget Strang Ben 52 34 Amanda Milliken Howell 88 34 Tom Wilson Kate 91
35 Jean Gellings Missy 57 35 Diana Sylvestre Jemma 80 35 Patrick Shannahan Lena 63
36 Dennis Gellings Soot RT 36 Brent Phelps Jake RT 36 Mary Ann Duffy Gwen 70
37 Carol Nelson Tiki 74 37 Patrick Shannahan Greg RT 37 Karen Zamora Brad RT
38 Mich Ferraro Mawde 81 38 Fernando Loiola Alves Nex 40 38 Kay Stephens Jep 66
39 Kristin Sittner Spy 74 39 Dianne Deal Kate 68 31 Diana Sylvestre Kip 78
40 Scott Maxfield Belle 62 40 Faansie Basson Sam 79 40 Mike Lupow Pawn 69
41 Bryan White Brae 80 41 Pam Boring Jim 72 41 Cy Peterson Reba 60
42 Barbara Ray Maverick 43 42 Dennis Edwards Roy 75 42 Jean Gellings Quinn RT
43 Scott Glen Taff 70 43 Mary Ann Duffy Jill 75

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Qualifying to Compete



It’s not too late to qualify on merit.  There are still trials seeding winners into this years Soldier Hollow Classic (Bluegrass, Table Top).

The Soldier Hollow Classic is an invitational sheepdog trial open to all competitors throughout the world.  Most invitations are extended based on performance at selected trials with additional invitations extended based on double lift trial performance, career record and additional discretionary considerations.  We invite you to support the trials below and also to contact us if you know of a handler who might otherwise be a candidate for competition at the Soldier Hollow Classic.  In the event the Champion at a qualifying trial has already qualified for Soldier Hollow, the invitation will pass to the Reserve Champion.  If both have qualified, the invitation reverts to discretionary status and will be awarded at the discretion of the event.  Handlers qualify based on the first trial they qualify in.

  1. The current qualifying double lift trials for the Soldier Hollow Classic:
  2. The top six finalists at the prior Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Trial.
  3. The top three finalists at the prior North American Championship.
  4. The Champion at the prior year’s Canadian National Championship.
  5. Champions from all Major Double Lift Trials outside of North America.*
  6. The top two finalists from the prior Meeker Classic.
  7. The Champion from the prior Bluegrass Classic.
  8. The Champion from the prior Brenham Sheepdog Trial.
  9. The Champion from the prior years Kingston Sheepdog Championship.
  10. The Champion from the prior years  WWSDA Sheepdog Trial.
  11. Four dogs representing the Utah Stock Dog Association (as selected by the Association).
  12. The Champion from the prior Strang Ranch Spring Sheepdog Trial.
  13. The Champion from the prior year’s NEBCA Fall Foliage Sheepdog Trial.
  14. The Champion from the prior Table Top Sheepdog Trial.
  15. Any qualified handler with legitimate claim as their country’s top handler in the prior year.
  16. Any handler from outside North America who represented their country in the prior years World Championship when held (the World Championships are held once every three years).

*We invite contact from any Champion or Reserve Champion of major double lift trials outside North America.  As a matter of course, we will try to contact winners of National and International Championships, but sometimes acquiring appropriate addresses is difficult.  Please contact us if you feel qualified to compete and you are able to attend for consideration for invitation.

Discretionary invitations beyond these trials may be extended based on diverse criteria as applied by the Event Director.  Factors that might be considered include those who have contributed to the success of the trial, friends of the trial, spouses of competitors, career record, location and other factors deemed significant at the time of the trial.  Normally discretionary invitations are one dog invitations.