Get involved in the 2021 Soldier Hollow Classic by sponsoring one of the competing dogs.

What you get:

  • 2 All-event passes and parking
  • Listed in daily run, on website and in program
  • Announced with dog and on scoreboard
  • Meet your dog and handler – take a selfie
  • Sponsors of top 3 dogs invited to participate in the Award Ceremony.
  • Entered in daily chances to win sponsor prizes

Winning dog sponsors:

  • 1st: Soldier Hollow Handlers Jacket
  • 2nd & 3rd: Utah Olympic Park Gold Pass Vouchers & Soldier Hollow Winter Tubing Vouchers

Sponsorship dollars will go to the cost of taking care of the beautiful Rambouillet ewes used in the event.

$200 – dog will be randomly assigned
$300 – select the dog of your choice

Dog assignments and Run Orders will be posted on the website on August 5, 2021.

Meet the Dogs

 Grace (Bob Allen)

GRACE, handled by BOB ALLEN (Missouri).  Grace is a six-year-old, female, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie.  She was the 2017 National Cattledog Champion. She has also qualified for   double lift sheepdog finals in trials across the country.  Grace has had six top ten finishes this year, including a win at Strang Ranch. Her handler, Bob Allen, is a farrier who also makes custom silver shepherd whistles.  Bob and Grace were the 2017 National Finals Nursery Rookie award – the highest placing team running for the first time in the Nursery class at the National Finals.

 Joey (Bob Allen)

JOEY, handled by BOB ALLEN (Missouri).  Joey is a five-year-old tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.   He was 11th in the 2019 National Finals and a World Team Qualifier.  Joey has had 12 top ten finishes this year, and most of them in the top 3. Joey currently ranks eighth in the USBCHA National Standings.  Joey’s handler, Bob, also makes custom silver shepherd whistles, many of which handlers are using at this trial.

 Roadie (Lise Andersen)

ROADIE, handled by LISE ANDERSEN (Colorado).  Roadie is a seven-year-old male, tricolor, smooth coated male.  He won the 2020 Tabletop Double Lift in Colorado as well as the District 2 Championship, which was run here at Soldier Hollow last September.  Though a tough competitor, Lise reports that Roadie always sleeps on the bed.  Roadie has twelve top ten finishes this year.  Lise is an equine veterinarian and the owner of Rocky Mountain Equine Clinic in Larkspur, Colorado.  Her home is also the home of a small band of sheep for dog training and Lise puts on the challenging Tabletop Trial every year.

Megs (Lise Andersen)

MEGS, handled by LISE ANDERSEN (Colorado).  Megs is a four-year-old, tricolor, medium coated Border Collie, weighing in at just 30 pounds.  She is tiny but mighty and has a strong opinion about the work she does.  Megs is out of Lise’s Mack and Piper, and she competed with both of those dogs here in 2014.  Megs has five top ten finishes for the 2021 trial year. In addition to training dogs, Lise is the owner of the Rocky Mountain Equine Clinic in Larkspur, Colorado.  Lis also hosts the Tabletop trial on her property every May and handlers from all over the country come to the trial to work the diverse terrain and challenging sheep over a four-day period.

Jack (Faansie Basson)
Basson - JACK

JACK, handled by FAANSIE BASSON (Texas).  Jack is a six-year-old, black and white, rough coated Border Collie.  He was this year’s Bluegrass Classic Champion, the 2020 Brenham Double Lift Champion, the 2020 Purina Dog of the Year, and World Team member.  Jack is a good listener and consistent worker, with 13 top ten finishes this year including wins at Fort Stockton (both open classes) and Gatesville (both open classes). Faansie is from South Africa and is back at Soldier Hollow for the twelfth time.  Faansie and his family came to the United States in December 2014 and are now living in Texas.  Faansie travels all over the US, giving lessons and clinics and competing with his fine dogs.

Finn (Faansie Basson)
Basson - FINN

FINN, handled by FAANSIE BASSON (Texas).  Finn is a three-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  Both of Finn’s parents were from Wales.  His father is Tan Hill Glen, a seemingly excellent sire who has bred many well working dogs. Finn has an excellent disposition off the field and really likes people. On the field he is very focused, a really good listener with great feel on sheep. Like many other dogs, Finn missed his Nursery year because of Covid, but his training has continued. He ended up winning one of the first round open classes at the Bluegrass Classic in May — a trial that has an entry of about 130 dogs.

Rocky (Ron Burkey)

ROCKY, handled by RON BURKEY (Texas). Rocky is an eight-year-old, black and white, rough coated Border Collie that was bred by Dennis Gellings from Canada and a competitor here as well.  According to Ron, Rocky thinks of only two things – working sheep and eating.  Fortunately, he is good at both.  Rocky has been a National Champion Finalist twice as well as a Meeker Finalist and was second in the 2021 Texas Finals.  He is also a member of the US World Team. Rocky’s handler, Ron Burkey, is from Texas and has been active in the trialing community for many years.  Ron got his first dog to help him move goats.  At the time, he said he had no interest in trialing.  In spite of that, he started trailing and averages 12,000 miles a year with his dogs.

Dale (Ron Burkey)

DALE, handled by RON BURKEY (Texas).  Dale is a three-year-old, black and white, rough coated Border Collie.  Dale is a young, happy, good natured dog.  He was a finalist in the 2019 Nursery Finals but running in Open for the first time this year. This will be his first time on the Soldier Hollow hill.  He comes ready for the task with Ron as his handler. Ron is from Texas and has been active in the trialing community for many years.  In addition to trialing, he is often called on to judge sheepdog trials. Ron raises a small flock of sheep on 400 acres in the Texas hill country and is happily retired.

Timp (Carol Clawson)
Clawson - TIMP

TIMP, handled by CAROL CLAWSON (Heber Valley, Utah).  Timp is a seven-year-old, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  Timp is accompanied at Soldier Hollow this year by two of his littermates, Jep and Roadie.  Timp recently won one day at the Good Times Sheepdog Trial in Tremonton Utah.  Although generally shy and reserved and, in the past, would never think of getting on furniture, he now believes that he is entitled to a bed whenever he travels.  Timp has been called a “negotiator” for his quiet, but usually persuasive way with sheep. Carol particularly likes that he has “no tension,” noting that he is a joy to work and trial.  Carol is perhaps the only true local running at Soldier Hollow, living just three miles away in Charleston, Utah.  Carol is also one of the Soldier Hollow Course Directors this year and the previous past President of the USBCHA.

Soot (Angie Coker-Sells)
Coker-Sells - SOOT

SOOT, handled by ANGIE COKER-SELLS (Oklahoma).  Soot is a nine-year-old female, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  Soot was the 2019 Soldier Hollow Classic Champion.  She has a lot of personality, usually following right behind Angie to be sure she doesn’t miss out on anything, giving her a “woof” to let Angie know she’s happy.  Angie was raised on a cattle ranch in central Oklahoma and is an accomplished handler and trainer, having won a number of trials, including the USBCHA National Championship.  Prior to competing in sheepdog trials, Angie competed in cutting horse competitions in high school and college.

Link (Angie Coker-Sells)
Coker-Sellsl - LINK

LINK, handled by ANGIE COKER-SELLS (Oklahoma).  Link is an eight-year-old, black and white, rough coated Border Collie.  On loan to Angie from Sharon Harris, he has seven top ten finishes this year and has been a Soldier Hollow Finalist.  Angie describes him as a sweet dog that tries hard to do what she wants.  Angie was raised on a cattle ranch in central Oklahoma and is an accomplished handler and trainer, having won a number of trials, including the USBCHA National Championship.  Angie and her husband run 185 dorper ewes and 35 cows and put up with about 15 goats.

Mystic (Carol Clawson)
Clawson - MYSTIC

MYSTIC, handled by CAROL CLAWSON (Heber Valley, Utah).  Mystic is a four-year old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  This is Mystic’s first year in Open and really trialing, having missed her nursery year because trials were canceled during the height of Covid.  As a result, she is finding a new challenge with the range ewes that she will see here at Soldier Hollow.  All the same, she is keen to give it a try.  Carol figures her bright yellow “tiger eyes,” ought to scare just about anything, even these sheep.  Mystic has a serious independent streak but wants to work.  She is a smart dog, learning the doggie door at 7 weeks and within the first hour of getting to her new home.  Carol thinks that, sometimes, she is just a bit too smart.  Carol is one of two truly local handlers this year, living just three miles away in Charleston, Utah.  Carol is also one of the Soldier Hollow Course Directors and the previous past President of the USBCHA.

Goodwin Nell (Derek Fisher)

GOODWIN NELL, handled by DEREK FISHER (Idaho).  Nell is a ten-year-old, black and white Border Collie.  Nell is a small dog, weighing in at 32 pounds but handling every type of sheep.  She was the 2018 Meeker Champion and has been the Reserve National Champion three times and a 2017 US World Team member.  Derek says she is smart, athletic and an all-around great partner, always giving 150 percent.  Derek has been training and competing in sheepdog trials for over twenty years. When he was 14 years old, he saw a show on PBS that featured the great Gwyn Jones from Penmachno Wales. Derek was just amazed at how well trained his dogs were. Derek had sheep for FFA and 4-H but had never used a dog to work them and decided then and there that he was going to get a dog. He found a free dog through some family friends and the journey began.

Dawson (Bruce Fogt)
fogt - dawson

DAWSON, handled by BRUCE FOGT (Ohio).  Dawson is a six-year-old, black and white, rough coated Border Collie.  Bruce hasn’t trialed Dawson much this year because of Covid but had a strong finish at the Bluegrass Classic, demonstrating that he is ready for the biggest open trials.  Bruce began working Border Collies in 1976 and ran his first trial in 1978.  He started training professionally in 1981, when it became his full-time job.  He wrote for and published the Working Border Collie magazine from 1987-2015, a magazine that reached subscribers all over the world. He also wrote Lessons from a Stockdog, published in 1996 and one of the best introductions to sheepdog trailing.  Bruce was inducted into the American Border Collie Association (ABCA) Hall of Fame in 2019.

Spur (Bruce Fogt)
fogt spur

SPUR, handled by BRUCE FOGT (Ohio).  Spur is a six-year-old, black and white, medium coated Border Collie.  Bruce bought Spur three years ago and had one season with him before Covid shut down trialing.  He is anxious to get him back on the field and, like his other dog Dawson, had a strong run at the Bluegrass Classic.  Bruce has promoted the working Border Collie both on and off the trial field for over 40 years.  He, along with the Heartland Border Collie Club, revied and reestablished the Bluegrass Class in 1989.  In 1988, he worked with Purina to establish the Purina Award for the top dog each year and reestablished it three years ago.  He is a well-respected judge, having judged most of the major U.S. trials including the National Finals three times. 

Jep (Heather Erickson)
Erickson - JEP

JEP, handled by HEATHER ERICKSON (Heber, Utah).  Jep is a ten-year old, tri color, rough coated Border Collie and Heather’s first real sheepdog trial dog.  Heather started out in agility with a smart, active mix breed named Rosie. Soon it was time for another competition dog, and she got a spunky female border collie puppy, Spring. After a few years of agility, Heather attempted herding with Spring and was hooked!  A good friend mentioned she had seen an ad for a trained border collie. It wasn’t long after that, Heather and her dad were headed to Oregon to meet Jep. That was seven years ago, and I have loved the sport ever since. Jep has always been levelheaded and dependable on the trial field and Heather says she could not have asked for a better partner to begin this journey. He’s a kind soul who loves everyone he meets. When he’s not working, he loves hiking, swimming, and food in any form.  Heather is a local handler, living in Heber, Utah where she has a dog grooming business. She has a couple of acres and a small flock of sheep and she often visits her sister and brother in law’s ranch to assist with their large sheep and cattle operation.

Grit (Jennifer Glen)
Glen J. - GRIT

GRIT, handled by JENNIFER GLEN (Alberta, Canada).  Grit is a five-year-old, tricolor, medium coated Border Collie.  She is out of Scott Glen’s National Champion, Alice, also running her at Soldier Hollow. Grit is that he had a video go viral this past winter. Jennifer posted a video of him bringing sheep in in a snowstorm last winter and it got picked up by several news outlets and went viral, with over 18 million views.  Jennifer and her husband Scott, own and operate Alta-Pete Stock Dog Kennels in Alberta, a sheepdog training facility.  In addition to their training activities, Jenny and Scott maintain a mixed flock of about sixty crossbred wool ewes. Jenny is a former veterinary technician and worked in the entertainment industry, training animals for film and television. She also has trained six guide dogs for the blind.

Alice (Scott Glen)
Glen S.- ALICE

ALICE, handled by SCOTT GLEN (Alberta, Canada).  Alice is a nine-year-old tricolor, medium coated Border Collie.  Alice is not only a three-time National Champion, but she is also a breast cancer survivor.   After her last litter, she developed mammary cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early, and surgical intervention has her in remission.  She feels good and shows no sign of wanting to retire.  Alice has won several of the major trials in North America, including the Bluegrass, Soldier Hollow and the Canadian Championships.  She is the only third generation national champion as her father, Don, and her grandmother, Star also won it.  Alice’s handler, Scott Glen, is widely respected as one of the world’s top handlers and a three-time Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist. Scott grew up on a cattle ranch in southern Alberta, Canada. In his early twenties, he decided to raise a flock of sheep and he soon began training border collies to herd sheep and cattle. In 1997, he turned his hobby into a full-time job, creating Alta-Pete Stockdogs, a name that means “aim high” and which was his personal and his family’s Scottish clan motto.

Pip (Scott Glen)
Glen S. - PIP

PIP, handled by SCOTT GLEN (Alberta, Canada).  Ben is a three-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  Pip was born in Scotland and was brought over to Canada when he was 10 weeks old. The moment he stepped out of the crate, Scott and Jenny started fighting over who would get him because he had an “X factor,” and they knew he would be a good one when they met him. Pip didn’t get a full nursery year because of the Pandemic so he got the nickname Pandemic Pip. He went right into Open this year and has been getting better and better every time he goes to the post.  He was the overall Open dog at Hotchkiss, won a day at Tabletop, and a day at the Spring Ranch Trial.  His handler, Scott Glen, has won the USBCHA National Championship six times, Soldier Hollow three times, the Canadian Championship as well as the Bluegrass Classic among others.  Scott also loves baseball (playing and watching) and plays a game of golf now and then.

Kate (Hans Gode)
Gode - KATE

KATE, handled by HANS GODE (Oakley, Utah).  Kate is a five-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  Kate is Hans’ first open dog, and she never shies away from a challenge when the work gets tough. Even though she is a strong dog capable of moving the toughest sheep, she loves to soften up to people when she’s not working.  Hans was introduced to sheepdog trialing when he ran into a neighbor moving sheep up the road late one evening.  Curious about the livestock and the dog, Hans later introduced himself to the neighbor, who was Mark Peterson.  Mark gave him tickets to the trial and encouraged him to talk to some handlers.  From spectator and volunteer to competitor, Hans and Kate tackle the hill for the first time this year.  Hans has about 20 sheep for training and five border collies.  When not working dogs, he has a real job as a Delta pilot. 

Griffon (Cindy Good)

GRIFFON, handled by CINDY GOOD (Florida). Griffon is a three-year-old, male, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  Griffon has had a great year, finishing third and fourth in the two open rounds at the Bluegrass Classic, a competing in a field of 130 dogs.  He was also first and third at the Creston Classic and first place one day at the Vashon Sheepdog Trial.  Cindy says that Griffon always tries hard to get the job done, no matter what it takes.  Cindy has about 60 sheep of mixed wool breeds.  She trains her dogs when she finds time away from being a high school math teacher.

June (Shauna Gourley)
gourley - june

JUNE, handled by SHAUNA GOURLEY (Plain City, Utah).  June is a four-year-old tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  She is out of Jep, a dog also running here at Soldier.  Shauna says that June is the “fun police” at home – pretty sure she should tell all the dogs what to do.  She thinks June is a bit like that with sheep too – wants to control everything and is a little pushing about it.  June has had a good year this year with seven top ten finishes, a great record for such a young dog.  Shauna was the 2019 Reserve National Champion with her great dog, Jade, now retired.  Shauna is a top handler, recognized nationwide with repeated finishes here at Soldier Hollow as well as Meeker, the National Finals and other trials. Shauna has been instrumental in introducing the sport of herding to the local community and she continues to teach both herding and obedience.

Terra (Shauna Gourley)
gourley - terra

TERRA, handled by SHAUNA GOURLEY (Plain City, Utah).  Terra is a six-year-old, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie.  Terra is kind of at the bottom of the totem pole in Shauna’s pack, but she makes up for it on sheep.  Terra is a speedy little dog and, when she misses a command, she tries to fix it just as fast as the original mistake – sometimes it works; sometimes “not so much.” Terra has eight top ten finishes so far this year and is this year’s top Utah dog in the national standings.  Terra’s handler, Shauna Gourley, has competed at a national level in dog agility and obedience competition for over thirty years. Like many training enthusiasts, she found a new challenge in the sheepdog trial competition, where she has become one of the country’s top competitors.

 Willow (Brianna Henderson)
Henderson - WILLOW

WILLOW, handled by BRIANNA HENDERSON (Logan Utah).  Willow is a three-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  A young dog, Willow just moved into the open class and won her debut at the difficult Jim Bridger FFA trial in Wyoming.  Willow is very vocal and has a huge array of sounds that range from chirps to Roo-roo-roo-roo-roo’s (always five at a time)! You never know what sound she’s going to make next and not all of them sound dog-like. She is perpetually happy, loves to put her head to your forehead and give her version of a hug. Brianna finally gave up teaching her not to jump up on people when she was two because no matter how consistent I was, she insisted that she NEEDED to get closer to people’s faces so she could sniff their eyes and give hugs. She really wants to be a lap dog but is too happy and excited about literally everything in life to sit still for too long. She will retrieve any object–for anyone–that she feels she can charm someone into throwing for her.  Brianna is new to the sport.  She has been going to sheepdog trials for six years. Willow is the second sheepdog she has trained and trialed. Brianna has always been drawn to sheep, showing lambs in 4-H when I was younger and taking every sheep production class at USU she could find. One of the the highlights of her college career was going to a ranch in Wyoming to help with a huge herd of Suffolk range rams and ewes as the final for the class. I have a small farm with forty or so Katahdin/Dorper sheep and some Nigerian Dwarf milk goats. 

Pepper (Joe Haynes)

PEPPER, handled by JOE HAYNES, (Washington).  Pepper is a ten-year-old, female, tricolor, medium coated Border Collie. Pepper ran here last in 2016.  Pepper was running third in the national standings and ready to go to the 2020 Finals when Covid stopped trialing but is running strong again this year.  She won the overall at Kingston, Ontario Canada in 2019 and won both days at the Little Horse Mountain Sheepdog Trial.  Pepper’s handler, Joe Haynes, started with border collies nearly twenty years ago. He has competed throughout the U.S. and Canada in some of the most challenging trials and at the highest level and was a member of the 2017 U.S. World Team.  Off the farm, Joe is the Director of Engineering for a local biotechnology company.

Jim (Joe Haynes)

JIM, handled by JOE HAYNES, (Washington).  Jim is an eight-year-old, male, tricolor, medium coated Border Collie out of Joe’s great dog Elfa Keally.  Jim recently one the Overall Combined High Point dog at the Vashon Sheepdog Trial, running on challenging sheep.  Like Pepper, Jim also had a strong year prior to Covid and now making up for last time.  Jim’s handler, Joe Haynes, also won the Vashon Sheepdog Class Tom Stewart Stockmanship Award in 2011 and trials all over the country.  When not working or trialing his dogs, he keeps busy as the Director of Engineering in a biotechnology company, an industry that finds cures and develops treatment for several diseases.

Dave (Scott Johnson)
Johnson - DAVE

DAVE, handled by SCOTT JOHNSON, (Alabama). Dave is an eight-year-old, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie, out of Scott Glen’s champion, Don.  He recently won one day at the North Carolina Championship, was in the top 15 at the competitive Bluegrass Classic, finishing fifth in the double lift final.  Dave has seven top ten finishes so far this year.  Dave’s handler, Scott Johnson, now keeps about 30-40 Katahdin sheep on twenty acres.  Scott is a former golf professional, which may explain his ability to stay focused on the sheepdog trial field. He also owns a restaurant in Alabama.

Sally (Loreli Judd)

SALLY, handled by LORELI JUDD (Coalville, Utah).  Sally is an eight-year-old, black and white Border Collie. Another one of those dogs that proves that good things often come in a small package. This little Border Collie is a powerhouse on the trial field. She is the granddaughter of Allen Mills’ Sis, a former Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist. Sally is not only good moving 4-5 sheep down the trial field but regularly works a large flock (and by large, we mean 4000-6000 sheep) at a ranch near Coalville, Utah.  Loreli has also worked as a dog groomer and raises Suffolk show sheep and a flock of dorper sheep. Loreli came to Soldier Hollow several years ago to see her first sheepdog trial. This event planted the seed, and she has gone on to compete successfully on the trial circuit and repeatedly qualify for the National Finals.

Hope (Scott Johnson)
Johnson - HOPE

HOPE, handled by SCOTT JOHNSON, (Alabama). Hope is a six-year-old tricolor, rough coated Border Collie out of Scott’s dog Finn, and Marianna Schreeder’s Shep.  This is Hope and Scott’s first time at Soldier Hollow.  Scott keeps about 30-40 Katahdin sheep on twenty acres.  He is a former golf professional, which may explain his ability to stay focused on the sheepdog trial field. He also owns a restaurant in Alabama.

Lee (Beverly Lambert)
Lambert _ LEE

LEE, handled by BEVERLY LAMBERT (Massachusetts).  Lee is a six-year-old, female, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie.  Beverly bred, raised and trained Lee. She is the daughter of two dogs she ran for several years including at Soldier Hollow, Nan and Joe. Lee’s grandmother ran at Soldier Hollow and her aunt, Jean Gelling’s Star, won the trial. Lee has been running in the open class since she was two years old but it is only in the past two years that she has settled down and become truly competitive. She is a very forward dog with a lot of push, and it has taken some considerable experience to temper that enthusiasm with enough maturity to make her easier to handle. Apparently, it has now come together for Lee and Beverly as they are currently the number one dog in the USBCHA standings for the year and in contention for the Purina Field Trial Award for 2021.  Beverly is one of only two handlers to win two Gold Medals at Soldier Hollow with her great dog, Pippa.  With her thirty years of experience, Beverly is a threat to win any trial she enters, and she is an articulate spokesperson for the sport.

 Lass (Scott Maxfield)

LASS, handled by SCOTT MAXFIELD (Hooper, Utah).   Lass is a five-year-old, black and white female Border Collie.  She is out of Shauna Gourley’s Reserve National Champion, Jade.  She placed in the District 2 Championship finals held here at Soldier Hollow hill in 2020.  She has had three top ten finishes in 2021.  Lass is always about having fun, even in a tough herding situation.  You can tell by the happy expression on her face.  When she is not working, she is wondering where the darn cat is.  Scott is new to the sport, having been involved for only seven years. Scott is an owner and veterinarian at the Layton Veterinary Clinic, which began business in that community in 1963. Scott was a former large animal and dairy cattle vet but now focuses on small animals. Scott has been a great addition to the Utah Stockdog Association, volunteering here at Soldier Hollow as well as Utah Stockdog trials.

Annie (Beverly Lambert)
Lambert - Annie

ANNIE, handled by BEVERLY LAMBERT (Massachusetts).  Annie is a three-year-old Border Collie. Beverly got her when she was a year old and was not showing much promise for one of her friends. Beverly reports that they struggled for several months, with Annie having a hard time getting the most basic concept of going around the sheep. When the penny finally dropped, she trained up very fast and Beverly started running her as soon as the Covid restrictions allowed us to have trials again. She moved her up to Open in June and has continued to improve.  Beverly says Annie is one of the most naturally talented dogs she has ever run as well as a real team player eager to understand what Beverly want and do it if she can. Annie turned three in July making her one of the youngest dogs at this year’s SH.  Beverly is a handler with 30 years of experience and two Soldier Hollow Gold Medals among a number of other wins and championships.  Beverly describes sheepdog trials as the place where the dogs are “judged one against the other by their work, not by their looks.”

Coy (Eric Larson)
Larson - COY

COY, handled by ERIC LARSON (Holladay, Utah).  Coy is a twelve-year-old male, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie, out of Patrick Shannahan’s National Champion, Riggs.  Coy is a forward, confident dog and the tougher the sheep, the better (at least in Coy’s opinion).  He was a finalist in the 2020 District 2 Championship double lift final, which was run on a modified course here at Soldier Hollow.  Coy and his handler, Eric, have helped out here at Soldier Hollow most of Coy’s life doing sheepdog demonstrations and taking sheep off the field after each run.  This year he gets to compete on the hill and is the oldest dog to do so this year, easily capturing a gray muzzle award if there was one.  Eric is an accomplished photographer, videographer and artist.  His other hobbies other than sheepdog training include rockhounding, camping, hiking, and vacationing with his wife and two young children.

Dink (Michael McNutt)
McNutt - DINK

DINK, handled by MICHAEL McNUTT (Ohio).  Dink is a seven-year-old, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie from Canada. Michael describes Dink as his best farm dog ever – his “go to dog!” Michael and his family operate the McNutt Farm, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and adjacent to 4700 plus acres of Blue Rock State Forest.  In addition to providing guest services, the McNutts raise grass fed beef and lamb and Michael’s wife, Phyllis, does pasture poultry and takes care of living.  Michael is also a farrier who has been very successful in national forging and horseshoeing competitions.  He also gives herding lessons, puts on sheep and cattledog trials, and trains dogs.

Win (Michael McNutt)
McNutt - WIN

WIN handled by MICHAEL McNUTT (Ohio).  Win is a five-year-old female, black and white, rough coated Border Collie.  She was the 2019 National Nursery Champion and Michael won the Nursery Rookie award that year as well.  Win’s first open season, 2020, was cut short by Covid but she has six top ten finishes so far this year with a first place at Keepstone Farm.  Michael and his family run the McNutt Farm, 11 miles south of Zanesville, Ohio.  It is an authentic working farm with cattle and sheep.  A hunting lodge is available during the hunting season.  It is also a horse, pet and livestock hotel.  Michael hosts several herding clinics, featuring top trainers, and puts on sheepdog and cattledog trials.

Howell (Amanda Milliken)

HOWELL, handled by AMANDA MILLIKEN (Ontario, Canada).  Howell is a nine-year-old tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie out of Amanda’s Monty.  He was the 2016 Bronze Medalist at Soldier Hollow and the year before the Silver Medalist.  He is a two-time Meeker Champion.  Howell is in the top ten nearly every time he is on the field and the last two years are no exception.  This year’s top ten finishes include three first places.  Howell’s handler, Amanda Milliken, is a seven-time Canadian Champion, a four-time Meeker Champion, a USBCHA National Nursery and Reserve Champion as well as a two-tine Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist.  She also represented Canada at the 2017 World Trial – the second-place team out of thirty countries. As a 35-year veteran of the sport, she is one of the most respected competitors in the world and as an articulate voice for our sport.

Carl (Amanda Milliken)

CARL, handled by AMANDA MILLIKEN (Ontario, Canada).  Carl is a two-year-old, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie, and one of the youngest dog on the hill this year.  Carl is a Nursery dog that has easily qualified for this year’s Nursery Finals and has already started running in the Open class.  His handler, Amanda, has taken many of her dogs to various championships in both the United States and Canada, including twice here at Soldier Hollow.  Amanda was first introduced to border collies four decades ago when her sister, who had worked with border collies and sheep in England, brought a dog to help them with their sheep. She now divides her time between her dogs, a flock of 130 North Country Cheviot ewes, four Welsh Cobs (larger native Welsh ponies) and her responsibilities as the CEO of a cardiac care company, Home Cardiographics.

Feist (Mary Minor)
Minor - FEIST

FEIST, handled by MARY MINOR (Nevada).  Feist is a ten-year-old female, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie out of Amanda Milliken’s Roz.  Feist’s most endearing trait is that she is very clever, and at about 27 pounds, she has always been a bit of an “underdog.”  Feist was Mary’s first open dog and Mary says, she had to drag her along, and she has done a very good job of that.  She recently won both days at the Lookout SDT.  Feist was the 2013 Canadian Nursery Champion. The 2017 Hopland Champion, the 2010 Norther Nevada Reserve Champion, the 2019 Kingston Reserve Champion and a finalist here at Soldier Hollow in 2019.  Mary is a fifth generation Nevada rancher and the owner and veterinarian at Dayton Valley Veterinary Hospital. She first practiced veterinary medicine in Modesto California but returned to Nevada and bought her first practice in 1999. She has a special interest in geriatric wellness and orthopedic surgery. Her focus is on preventative wellness for family companions.

TANÉ (Mary Minor) 
Minor - TANÉ

TANÉ, handled by MARY MINOR (Nevada).  Tané is an eight-year-old male black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  He is the first pup Mary delivered, raised and trainer herself.  He is out of Amanda Milliken’s Howell, also running her at Soldier Hollow.  Mary notes that he reads sheep well and has tremendous feel for his sheep.  The sheep like him and respect him. She loves how hard he “tries” and always gives it his all.  Mary, from a fifth generation Nevada ranch family, is veterinarian who owns her own practice in Dayton, Nevada.  She also raises merino fine wool seed stock sheep as well as a small, registered angus herd.  Perhaps a less well-known fact is Mary also played intercollegiate basketball..

Moel Sweep (Jamie Mitchell)

MOEL SWEEP, handled by JAMIE MITCHELL (Texas).  Sweep is a four-year-old black and white, medium coated Border Collie imported from Wales.  Sweep loves everyone and “never meets a stranger.”   He was the Reserve Texas Champion in 2019 and the 2021 Reserve Champion at Brenham, Texas.  He was also fourth in this year’s Bluegrass Double Life championship and boasts nine top ten finishes this trial year, including a win at Ettrick Kennels in a field of 104 dogs.  He is currently fourth in the USBCHA standings.  His handler, Jamie Mitchell, has been involved in sheepdog competitions for over 20 years.  He has a small flock of Cheviots in his home in Brenham Texas.  Jamie’s “day job” is as the Chief Financial Officer for Moss Landscaping, a full-service landscape firm serving the Great Houston area.  He has also been on the Board of the Texas Sheepdog Association and travels around the country to compete in sheepdog trials.  

Tanhill Gael (Jamie Mitchell)
Mitchell - GAEL

TANHILL GAEL, handled by JAMIE MITCHELL (Texas).  Gael is a seven-year-old, female, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie, imported from Wales.  Jamie says she loves to play with other dogs, even at seven, but unfortunately, she doesn’t really know how to play.  Gael is running well this year, qualifying for the double lift at both Brenham and the Bluegrass Classic, and finishing in the top ten at Tabletop.  Jamie has been involved in sheepdog competitions for over 20 years.  He has a small flock of Cheviots in his home in Brenham Texas.  Jamie’s “day job” is as the Chief Financial Officer for Moss Landscaping.  He has also been on the Board of the Texas Sheepdog Association and travels around the country to compete in sheepdog trials.  

Sis (Mike Neary)

SIS, handled by MIKE NEARY (Indiana).  Sis is an eight-year-old tricolor, medium coated Border Collie.  Sis is a home-bred and trained dog and has been incredibly successful on the trial field.  She was the Missouri State Champion and won the WWSDA Double lift.  She was seventh in the 2019 USBCHA Finals and fifth this year at the Bluegrass Classic.  She has twelve top ten finishes so far this year, including a first at the Plum Lucky Mules Open and Dead Hill Sheepdog Trial.  Mike is a Sheep Specialist at Purdue University, having received a PhD degree from Agricultural Economics University of Nebraska.  He is a past President of the American Border Collie Association (ABCA) and is currently a board member of the USBCHA.  Mike has judged here at Soldier Hollow on two occasions, most recently in 2018. 

Bella (Mike Neary)

BELLA, handled by MIKE NEARY (Indiana). Bella is a four-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie, out of Mike’s Sis.  She is a young dog with little trial experience as a result of Covid but is out getting experience now.  Bella’s handler, Mike Neary, is no stranger to the Soldier Hollow hill, having judged here twice, recently in 2018.  Mike is a Sheep Specialist at Purdue University, having received a PhD degree from Agricultural Economics University of Nebraska.  He is a past President of the American Border Collie Association (ABCA) and is currently a board member of the USBCHA.  

Maverick (Barbara Ray)

MAVERICK, handled by BARBARA RAY (Virginia).  Maverick is a nine-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie out of Amanda Milliken’s Monty and Barbara’s champion, Stella.   He was the 2018 Reserve Champion here at Soldier Hollow and also the Meeker Reserve Champion.  In 2017, he won the coveted Cowboy Lift award at the Meeker Classic.  Maverick has had another good year this year with twelve top ten finishes, including five first places.  Maverick’s handler, Barbara Ray, won the Gold Medal at Soldier Hollow in 2006 in what might be the most dramatic moment in the event’s history. After a magnificent run in the afternoon, the audience stood in their seats as Britt and Barbara were at the pen with just seconds on the clock. It appeared they would be just short when Barbara closed the pen gate as the last second on the clock expired. The crowd exploded with applause that could be heard in Midway and that continued for several minutes.

Phydarw Dan (Barbara Ray)

PHYDARW DAN, handled by BARBARA RAY (Virginia).  Dan is a two-year-old, black and white, rough coated Border Collie, imported from Swansea, United Kingdom.  This dog, and one other on the field, are young nursery dogs.  Dan has easily qualified for the 2021 USBCHA National Finals in Virginia this year and has recently moved up to the Open class.   Dan’s handler, Barbara, is a three-time USBCHA National Nursery Champion. Barbara is considered the pioneer in training border collies for wildlife mitigation and has trained more than 400 dogs to assist in controlling geese and other migratory birds on golf courses, airports and parklands. Barbara also hosts the Big Bend Classic Sheepdog Trial. Big Bend Farm is also a vacation destination with cabins, nature walks, fishing and hunting on 680 prime Virginia woodlands on the west side of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Star (Marianna Schreeder)
Schreeder - STAR

STAR, handled by MARIANNA SCHREEDER, (Georgia).  Star is a seven-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  This year’s Soldier Hollow will be a small “family affair” with Star’s former owner Joni Tietjen judging and brother Ben competing with his new owner, Tammy Yost-Wilden. Star was the 2018 Soldier Hollow Reserve Champion and 2017 Meeker Classic Reserve Champion.  Marianna bought Star in May of 2019 and has continued to run her to the top of every class.  Star excels and both cattle and sheep work.  With Marianna, Star’s daily duties changed from being a ranch dog to becoming a city and hobby farm dog, but she appears to enjoy both roles equally.  Star is handled by Marianna Schreeder.  Marianna has a small hobby farm north of Atlanta, with 20-30 Katahdin hair sheep.  She is able to work her dogs several times a week at the farm as well as a small place in town.  

Nel (Marianna Schreeder)
Schreeder - NEL

NEL, handled by MARIANNA SCHREEDER, (Georgia).  Nel is a nine-year-old, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie imported from Wales and out of the famous Pennet Williams’ Sweep. She transitioned from a Welsh farm dog to a city dog very quickly and continues to be the ultimate house dog. At the age of 10, Nel continues to have incredible stamina, and she enjoys daily runs, pool swims and modest sheep work.  Marianna is the President of the Kentucky Border Collie Association, which hosts The Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial held in Lexington Kentucky – one of the largest and most prestigious trials in the country.  She is also the Treasurer and a District Director of the USBCHA, which is responsible for the North American National Finals.  Marianna owns a property management company which specializes in low-income housing apartments.

Ella (Karen Stanley)
Stanley - ELLA

ELLA, handled by KAREN STANLEY (Eagle Mountain, Utah).  Ella is a six-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie, out of Don Helsley’s Wizard and the late Emil Ludeke’s Hope.  Karen says Ella is a bit headstrong, but a great worker.  She can be charming when she wants attention, but aloof when there are sheep around.  Karen is a member of the Utah Stockdog Association and one of the Course Directors here at Soldier Hollow.  Karen is one of the primary reasons that many of the world’s top handlers have called Soldier Hollow “the best run trial in North America.” She brings tremendous organization, skill and a real passion for this sport to her position here. 

Lulu (Karen Stanley)

LULU, handled by KAREN STANLEY (Eagle Mountain, Utah).  Lulu is a seven-year-old tricolor, medium coated Border Collie.  Lulu had a rocky start.  She comes from cattle dog lines and her enthusiasm for the work sometimes makes the sheep a bit edgy. She’s a wonderful dog to live with, with a sweet disposition.  Karen is her fourth owner and Karen says Lulu has found her forever home with her.  Karen is one of the Soldier Hollow Course Directors.  Karen previously competed successfully in obedience, agility and tracking competition but has found stockdog work to be the ultimate canine challenge. At her hobby farm in Eagle Mountain, Utah, she keeps a small flock of sheep primarily for training purposes. Karen retired from her position as Sales Manager at Salt Lake City’s QSI and now is “all about the dogs,” residing in Arizona during the winter months so she can train 12 months a year without snow.

Jep (Kay Stephens)
Stephens - JEP

JEP, handled by KAY STEPHENS (Texas).  Jep is a seven-year-old, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  Jep is out of Kay’s Storm and Faansie Basson’s Don, both champion dogs.  He is one of three littermates running this year a Soldier Hollow (the others are Timp and Roadie).  Jep was a strong finisher in the 2016 National Nursery Finals and the following year finished with an impressive third place in the National Open finals. This year Jep has seven top ten finishes and was sixth in the double lift at Tabletop.  Jep was bred by and now run by Kay Stephens, who bought her first border collie pup in 1992 and ran in her first trial in 1995.  As a practicing veterinarian, she has devoted much of her time to dog behavior and training. She has studied with many of the top behaviorists and trainers in the country, including trainers at Sea World. Her specialty is the use of operant conditioning and classical conditioning to modify animal behavior. Kay has worked with hundreds of puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments over the past 20 years. 

Jade (Kay Stephens)

JADE, handled by KAY STEPHENS (Texas).  Jade is a black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  She is out of Kay’s Jep and Gwen. Just recently being moved into open, she is getting a good start, placing third in the difficult double-lift open class at Tabletop in Colorado.  Jade is a very affectionate dog, demanding lots of attention and time on the couch next to Kay. She can get a bit grouchy and bossy with the other nine or so dogs that Kay owns that also want their share of the pets.  Kay competes nationally in sheepdog trials. She also contributes articles for various publications about dog behavior and training.  Kay served on the Board of the Texas Sheepdog Association, where she was president for three years.  She currently serves on the USBCHA Board of Directors. Kay and her husband, an equine veterinarian, keep 50 head of sheep (mixed breeds) and goats.

Ben (Bridget Strang)
strang - ben

BEN, handled by BRIDGET STRANG (Colorado). Ben is a nine-year-old, male, black and white, rough coated Border Collie imported from Ireland.  He has placed in the top ten for most of this trial year, winning in Oklahoma, Utah and Colorado, to name a few.  Ben is a great trial dog but an equally great companion dog.  He is very obedient, keen to work and handy around the ranch.  Ben’s handler, Bridget Strang, and her family have hosted the USBCHA National Finals three years at their beautiful Strang Ranch in Carbondale Colorado – a major effort and terrific event.  While seemingly immersed in sheepdogs and sheepdog trials, Bridget is a horse trainer by trade and teaching others to ride and compete. She has been on the farm and around horses her whole life, eventing at the advanced level for several years and showing cutting horses at the Western States Championship.

Jake (Bridget Strang)
strang - jake

JAKE, handled by BRIDGET STRANG (Colorado). Jake is a male, black and white, Border Collie imported from Wales.  He is out of Kevin Evens TanHill Glen, one of the most prolific and successful sires in Wales.  Jake has eight top ten finishes this year.  Bridget says Jake tries really hard to be a good boy and he is becoming a useful farm dog as well as a trial dog.  Bridget successfully competes in both sheepdog competition and various horse competitions, including eventing and cutting. Bridging loves all aspects of ranching and, in addition to the horses you see grazing at the Strang Ranch, it has also become home to a small flock of sheep that Bridget describes as a “4H project gone wild.” The Ranch provides lamb to a few local restaurants.

Kai (Deb Sussman)
Sussman - KAI

KAI, handled by DEB SUSSMAN (Draper, Utah).  Kai is a six-year-old, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie from Wyoming.  He comes from a line of dogs from Jack Knox.  Kai loves working all the time and is exuberant in everything.  Deb has had the opportunity to do some ranch work, particularly in Wyoming, and Kai loves the work and is good at it.  He is also keen to do nose work.  Deb moved to Utah after finishing nursing school in New York.  She got an Australian Shepherd and started in agility and herding.  Deb got her first Border Collie from Shauna Gourley, a competitor here, and has been involved in herding ever since.  She has been able to help Green River Livestock Company with lambing and other ranch activities.

Ben (Tammy Yost-Wilden)

BEN, handled by TAMMY YOST-WILDEN, (Montana). Ben is a seven-year-old, male, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie.  Originally owned by Joni Tietjen, he was a two-time USBCHA National Nursery Champion, winning his first one before he was two.  Ben is now run by Tammy Yost-Wilden, who bought him from Joni.  They are quickly becoming a team and he has five top ten finishes this year, including a big win of the Double Lift at the Strang Ranch spring trial, which qualified him to win here.  Tammy’s favorite thing about Ben is his desire to please.  In his spare time, he enjoys watching cats, playing with toys and stealing shoes.  Tammy was raised in a Montana ranching family had has been a professional horse trainer for thirty years, training and competing in reining, cutting, dressage and eventing.  She also enjoys fishing, shooting sports and both cattledog and sheepdog trials. 

Brae (Bryan White)

BRAE, handled by BRYAN WHITE, (Oregon). Brae is an eight-year-old, tricolor, medium coated Border Collie.  Bryan and Brae qualified for the double lift here in n2019, finishing in tenth place. He had a stellar year nationally in 2020, prior to Covid, running sixth in the national standings and continues to run well this year with seven top ten finishes so far.  Bryan describes Brae as a very forward dog and can move any sheep.  He “has a ton of heart.”  Bryan kind of fell into the sheepdog world about eleven years ago. He surfed for many years and was always near the ocean. He rescued a dog that was part border collie, and someone told him it was a herding dog and that he ought to see if it had any instinct. Not having really any idea what it was all about, he had an instinct test and became intrigued. He bought his first border collie, Scoop, off the internet and was fortunate to get a good dog right from the start. He was hooked, and the rest is history, and a big change from surfing..

Roy (Bryan White)
White - ROY

ROY, handled by BRYAN WHITE, (Oregon). Roy is a four-year-old, tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  He is a young dog, just starting on his trialing career and has a nice way with sheep.  His handler, Bryan White, was the 2021 Rookie of the Year at the USBCHA National Finals with his good dog Scoop, a dog he bought of the internet.  A former surfer from California, Bryan and his wife now have a ranch in Bend Oregon where they grow orchard grass and keep sheep for training purposes.  They also have an Airbnb for horse people on the ranch.  

Liz (Charlie Torre)
Torre - LIZ

LIZ, handled by CHARLIE TORRE, (Paradise, Utah).  Liz is a six-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie. She didn’t get started on sheep until she was three years old.  For the first three months of her training, Charlie says she was a “complete monster.”  Then, almost overnight, she settled down and started working nicely.  She didn’t need a lot of training.  She is still learning but, overall, Charlie says she is the nicest dog he has ever had, and he couldn’t manage his flock without her.  She isn’t all that sociable with other dogs, but she loves people.  Charlie, Liz’s handler, claims to have no particular talent with dogs and, for most of his life, had no experience with dogs or livestock. Like some other in this sport, he was “dragged kicking and screaming” into dog training and sheep farming by these remarkable Border Collies.  Charlie, along with a few other veteran Utah handlers, was part of the Soldier Hollow crew from the very beginning, working the set-out pens for several years, and he is back up there helping this year. Charlie keeps about 75 Navajo Churro Sheep, which are part of the Navajo Sheep Project.  


 Spy (Kristin Sittner)

Bop coming soon.

TJ (Karen Zamora)
Zamora - TJ

TJ, handled by KAREN ZAMORA (Plain City, Utah).  TJ is out of Karen’s Tiger and Maddie.  TJ qualified for the 2018 National semi-finals and won the Rookie of the Year award that year.  Karen says this dog is “the love of her life.”  He is solid worker, with no tension and a joy to run. He is also an enthusiastic morning dog – the one she hears first thing every morning as his tail hits his crate, an example of the “tail wagging the dog” with excitement. He is funny, smart and easy to live with except for his loving to grab French bread off the counter and lay on the couch and eat it.  Karen started with horses, riding everything from trick horses, racehorses, hunter jumpers and now settling in with competitive reining horses. She started with sheepdogs about eleven years ago when her pet border collie needed a job, and one thing led to another . . . and another.  She is a recently retired emergency room doctor, a job she did for over thirty years.  Now she has more time for even more dogs and horses.

Kate (Lou Gilbert)

KATE, handled by LOU GILBERT (Salt Lake City, UT).  Kate is a 10 year old, tri-color, medium coated Border Collie.  She trialed her for the first time in 2019, qualifying for the double lift final so is back to do it again.  Kate is very keen, talented and impossible to discourage.  She is an extremely fast dog (even faster than a normal athletic border collie.)  She has an amazing nact of getting to where she needs to be at the exact right time – making panels, getting sheds, and catching sheep in situations that look impossible.  She is handled by Lou Gilbert who works as an Engineering Manager at IM Flash Technology and is also a serious trail runner and skier. Lou and his dog, Kate, run at elevation throughout the Wasatch mountains. It is not uncommon to find Kate and Lou going for a run shortly after competing in a sheepdog trial. Lou has been asked to deliver radios to the set-out crew at the top of the Soldier Hollow hill and he skips the four-wheeler and runs up the hill almost as fast as a dog can do an outrun. Kate and Lou also backcountry ski. Obviously, both dog and handler are athletic and up for any sheep or mountain adventure.