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Anderson, Peg – CAP


Cap, is a world traveler, having helped out during a couple of lambing seasons in Scotland.  He is Peg’s valuable partner in all farm work.

Peg Anderson is from Harbor Springs, Michigan where she runs about 100 sheep.

Sold Out!



Cap is a 9-year-old Border Collie handled by Peg Anderson.  Peg describes Cap as a “great partner at the trials, but even more so in his everyday work.”  She has been fortunate to have Cap’s help at home and she even traveled with him to Scotland to help out with a few busy lambing seasons there.  He is a dedicated and valuable partner on the toughest days.  He is also a bit of a character — able to lighten the load whenever he is alongside.

Peg Anderson lives and works on a sheep farm in Northern Michigan where she has about 100 sheep and a few resident chickens.  She has been sharing her days with sheep and border collies for about 20 years. Peg has been competing in sheepdog trials since 2003 and has participated in the USBCHA National Finals since 2007.   She represented the US at the World Trial in 2011 and 2014 and served on the ABCA Board of Directors for 6 years.  Peg treasures the camaraderie at the trials, the beautiful places the dogs have taken her in our country and also many parts of the UK.  She is an experienced handler and judged the 2021 USBCHA Finals in Virginia.