Coker-Sells, Angie – SOOT


The 2019 Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist – a “no nonsense, get it done” kind of girl, who “thinks she can do n wrong,” returns this year with her handler, Angie Coker-Sells.

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This 10-year old female border collie was a reject from her first owner at six months old.  Angie was fortunate enough to get her in for training from her new owner when she was a year old and was later delighted when she had the chance to own her.  She can be hard to handle at times as she is a get it done, no nonsense kind of girl! Soot was the 2019 Soldier Hollow Classic Champion.  She has a lot of personality, usually following right behind Angie to be sure she doesn’t miss out on anything, giving her a “woof” to let Angie know she’s happy.  Angie was raised on a cattle ranch in central Oklahoma and is an accomplished handler and trainer, having won a number of trials, including the USBCHA National Championship.  Prior to competing in sheepdog trials, Angie competed in cutting horse competitions in high school and college.