Sold Out!

Torre, Charlie – LIZ


A bit of a late bloomer, Liz has become indispensable handling the flock at home.  She loves people so will be looking for a pet from her sponsor.

Charlie is from Logan Utah and has been a key at Soldier Hollow for a number of years, including this year.

Sold Out!


Liz is a seven-year-old Border Collie. She didn’t get started on sheep until she was three years old and, for the first three months of her training, Charlie says she was a “complete monster.”  Then, almost overnight, she settled down and started working nicely.  She didn’t need a lot of training.  Liz isn’t all that sociable with other dogs, but she loves people.  Charlie, Liz’s handler, claims to have no particular talent with dogs and, for most of his life, had no experience with dogs or livestock. Like some other in this sport, he was “dragged kicking and screaming” into dog training and sheep farming by these remarkable Border Collies.  Charlie, along witha few other veteran Utah handlers, was part of the Soldier Hollow crew from the very beginning, workingthe set-out pens for several years, and he is back up there helping this year. Charlie keeps about 75 Navajo Churro Sheep, which are part of the Navajo Sheep Project.