Sheepdog Championship

Come to Soldier Hollow and see the world’s most highly trained dogs (border collies) and their handlers test themselves on Soldier Hollow’s Olympic Hillside.  Working up to 400 yards from their handler these dogs must work with precision and gather wild range Rocky Mountain ewes, bringing them down the mountainside along a preset course and through free standing gates.  All the while the sheep have other ideas about how things out to progress (there is drama)!  It all ends in front of the stands where the dog must separate certain sheep from others and then place the sheep in a small pen.  The work is judged for quality and care of the sheep and must be completed in just 13 minutes.  It has a beauty and intensity that is captivating!

Just a reminder:  Spectator dogs are not allowed.  Service and seeing eye dogs welcomed.


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The Initial Field of Competitors Invited To Compete

At The 2019 Soldier Hollow Classic

Has Been Announced!

The Field of Competitors Invited to Compete At the 2019 Soldier Hollow Classic:

We are proud to announce the initial field of competitors invited to compete at the 2019 Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship.  These competitors represent many of the world’s finest sheepdog handlers representing Europe, South America, Africa and North America.  There are still  trials that seed their double lift champion directly into Soldier Hollow and additional discretionary spots for competitors may be available.  If you are aware of other qualified handlers here in North America or abroad who might be able to attend please feel free to forward their name (or to forward your own name).  We are always on the lookout for top handlers and dogs, particularly those who have demonstrated superior ability in double lift competition.  If spots in the competition open up we sometimes are able to offer spots to those individuals in the late spring and early summer.

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First NameLast NameCountryAwards
FaansieBassonSouth Africa2018 Meeker Classic 3rd & Former S. African Champion
DonnaEliasonU.S.A.Soldier Hollow Classic Demo Coordinator
RonEnzerothU.S.A.2017 Soldier Hollow Classic 9th Place
DerekFisherU.S.A.2018 Meeker Classic Champion
NicholasAnnaloraFrance2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 7th Place
CyPetersonU.S.A.2018 Meeker Classic 4th Place
Jan BriskebyIceland2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 8th Place
DennisGellingsCanada2018 USBCHA Nationals 3rd Place
JeanGellingsCanadaFormer Soldier Hollow Classic Gold Medalist
ScottGlenCanada2018 Canadian National Champion
JenniferGlenCanadaDiscretionary Invitation
JamesDumbletonEnglandEnglish Nationals Reserve Champion
KevinEvansWales2018 ISDS International Champion
RossHendersonScotlandScottish Nationals Reserve Champion
ShaunaGourleyU.S.A.Top Ranked Utah Handler as of 2/6/19
BeverlyLambertU.S.A.Former Soldier Hollow Classic Gold Medalist (2x)
TeriMasonU.S.A.Discretionary Invitation
AmandaMillikenCanada2018 Canadian National Reserve Champion
BarbaraRayU.S.A.2018 Kingston Sheepdog Trial Champion
KarenStanleyU.S.A.Soldier Hollow Classic Trial Director
JoniTietjenU.S.A.2017 Meeker Classic Reserve Champion
CarolClawsowU.S.A.Soldier Hollow Classic Trial Director
AngieCoker-SellsU.S.A.2018 Soldier Hollow Classic 7th Place
MarianeKlimaSweden2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 5th Place
JaranKniveNorway2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 3rd Place
JackKnoxU.S.A.Former Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist & USBCHA Champion
KathyKnoxU.S.A.Former USBCHA Champion
FernandoLoiola AlvesBrazil2018 USBCHA Nationals 8th Place
AlasdairMacRaeScotland2018 USBCHA Nationals Champion
MichelleFerraroU.S.A.2018 Fall Foilage Champion
HaleyHunewillU.S.A.2018 Soldier Hollow Classic Bronze Medalist
JamesMcLaughlinIreland2018 Irish Nationals Reserve Champion
OscarMurguiaSpain2018 Continental Reserve Champion
TerryMurrayU.S.A.2018 Soldier Hollow Classic 8th Place
MikeNearyU.S.A.Former Soldier Hollow Classic Judge
TommyWilsonScotlandFormer Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist
PaulO'donnellIreland2018 Irish National Champion
AledOwensWales2018 Welsh National Champion
SergioPerelloEngland2018 English National Champion
PatrickShannahanU.S.A.Former USBCHA National Champion
FraserShennanScotland2018 Scottish National Champion
Ron SnoeckNetherlandsFriend of the Trial
SergeVan Der ZweepNetherlands2018 Continental Champion
AndersVikstromSweden2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 10th Place
ElinWejmarkSweden2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 9th Place
MichaelaWikbergSweden2018 Continental Sheepdog Championship 6th Place
A. J.EspinozaU.S.A.2018 WWSDA Sheepdog Trial Champion
BobWasherU.S.A.Former Soldier Hollow Classic Judge

Qualifying to Compete

It’s not too late to qualify on merit.  There are still trials seeding winners into this years Soldier Hollow Classic (Bluegrass, Table Top).

The Soldier Hollow Classic is an invitational sheepdog trial open to all competitors throughout the world.  Most invitations are extended based on performance at selected trials with additional invitations extended based on double lift trial performance, career record and  additional discretionary considerations.  We invite you to support the trials below  and also to contact us if you know of a handler who might otherwise be a candidate for competition at the Soldier Hollow Classic.  In the event the Champion at a qualifying trial has already qualified for Soldier Hollow the invitation will pass to the Reserve Champion.  If both have qualified the invitation reverts to discretionary status and will be awarded at the discretion of the Event.  Handlers qualify based on the first trial they qualify in.

  1. The Current qualifying double lift trials for the Soldier Hollow Classic:
  2. The top six finalists at the prior Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Trial.
  3. The top three finalists at the prior North American Championship.
  4. The Champion at the prior years Canadian National Championship.
  5. Champions from all Major Double Lift Trials outside of North America.*
  6. The top two finalists from the prior Meeker Classic.
  7. The Champion from the prior Bluegrass Classic.
  8. The Champion from the prior Brenham Sheepdog Trial.
  9. The Champion from the prior years Kingston Sheepdog Championship.
  10. The Champion from the prior years  WWSDA Sheepdog Trial.
  11. Four dogs representing the Utah Stock Dog Association (as selected by the Association). 
  12. The Champion from the prior Strang Ranch Spring Sheepdog Trial.
  13. The Champion from the prior year’s NEBCA Fall Foliage Sheepdog Trial.
  14. The Champion from the prior Table Top Sheepdog Trial.
  15. Any qualified handler with legitimate claim as their countries top handler in the prior year.
  16. Any handler from outside North America who represented their country in the prior years World Championship when held (the World Championships are held once every three years).

*We invite contact from any Champion or Reserve Champion of major double lift trials outside North America.  As a matter of course we will try to contact winners of National and International Championships, but sometimes acquiring appropriate addresses is difficult.  Please contact us if you feel qualified to compete and you are able to attend for consideration for invitation.

Discretionary invitations beyond these trials may be extended based on diverse criteria as applied by the Event Director.  Factors that might be considered include those who have contributed to the success of the trial, friends of the trial, spouses of competitors, career record, location, and other factors deemed significant at the time of the trial.  Normally discretionary invitations are one dog invitations.