2018 Competition Running Order Below!

Running order For Sunday, September 2.  Scores Will Be Posted Live During the Event. 

Come to Soldier Hollow and see the world’s most highly trained dogs (border collies) and their handlers test themselves on Soldier Hollow’s Olympic Hillside.  Working up to 400 yards from their handler these dogs must work with precision and gather wild range Rocky Mountain ewes, bringing them down the mountainside along a preset course and through free standing gates.  All the while the sheep have other ideas about how things out to progress (there is drama)!  It all ends in front of the stands where the dog must separate certain sheep from others and then place the sheep in a small pen.  The work is judged for quality and care of the sheep and must be completed in just 13 minutes.  It has a beauty and intensity that is captivating!

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1Dog HandlerDog NameSunday
1Robin FrenchSpotDQ
2Dennis EdwardsCoup74
3Lyle LadJoe75
4Scott GlenAlice81
5Faansie BassonJep62
6Haley HunewillZac77
7Beverly Lambert Nan72
16Barbara Ray GrantRT
8Angie Coker-SellsAndyDQ
9Shauna GourleyRedsky Mira56
10Libby NiederKit51
11Pam BoringJimSCR
12Carol ClawsonTimp47
13Joni TietjenDeeks41
14Andreas SchiessMeg31
15Wyatt FlemingMirk67
17Ron BurkeyRockyRT
18Amanda MillikenHowell79
19Vickie CloseMollyRT
20Peter HallMeg33
21Maggi McClureCoal44
22Angie Coker-SellsSoot40
23Terry FolsomQuark43
24Karen StanleyDotRT
25Lori PerrySurt37
26Dennis GellingsKingRT
27Louanne TwaGus50
28Ron EnzerothBonnie67
29Loreli JuddSallyDQ
30Mich FerraroPuppa61
31Kathy KnoxMalta Bob63
32Jean GellingsQuinn66
33Kay StephensStorm40
34Donna EliasonBenDQ
35Cy PetersonReba58
36Faansie BassonSam73
37Andreas SchiessJill52
38Barbara RayMaverick77
39Joni TietjenStar81
40Tom WilsonKate80
41Terry MurrayLenoreRT
42Lyle LadTip57
43Coleen HawkerIke27
44Norm ClosePaige62