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Frequently Asked Questions!

Due to the nature of this event and the large crowds, spectator animals are not allowed.  Only animals involved in the Sheepdog Competition, animal-based demonstrations, and service animals will be allowed access into the event.

We have lots of delicious food and beverages at the event and we urge you to support them.  For specific needs, you may bring your own, but NO ALCOHOL can be brought into the venue.  There is a Beer Garden at the Event.

Oh, so many!  There is a Petting Zoo (new this year), Face Painting, Hula Hoops and Corn Hole toss.  Children also love all the animal and bird demonstrations such as the agility dog demonstrations, duck herding and the K-9 dogs that occur daily.  Check out the Festival/Vendor Page and Schedule to see more activities and information.

Click on SCHEDULE above in the menu to see the Competition and Festival daily schedules.  The Run Orders (to be published by August 10) will also show the approximate time when each dog runs.  

Great question -and the answer is yes to both!  There are bleachers but there is a limited area where you can bring your own chair and umbrella if you want – first come, first serve.  We ask that you try not to block the person behind you with your umbrella.

There is some space where a shade shelter can be pitched on the east end of the competition field, but it is limited space and on a first-come, first serve basis.  Please try not to block your neighbor.

You can bring your own chair, umbrella and shade if you want.  There is limited space for additional shade shelters, but there is some.  There is seating for chairs or for a blanket on the ground.  BRING WATER AND SUNSCREEN for sure  . .  . and a hat and sunglasses.  Binoculars are not necessary as you have a great view of the entire hill from anywhere you sit but they do give you a close up view of what goes on at the top when the dog first introduces itself to the sheep.  Oh, and bring a camera!

The Highland Games is a traditional Scottish sporting event which predates any recorded history. Events in the Games include Braemar Stone and Open Stone, 56 lb. heavy weight and 28 lb. light weight for distance, heavy hammer and light hammer, weight over bar, sheaf toss and caber.

The good news for the competition is that all of our sponsorships are sold out.  Sponsorships are limited to two sponsorships per dog so the bad news is there are no longer any sponsorships available.  You can see a list of our dogs and their sponsor in the menu above. 

Only their availability.  However, sponsorships purchased after August 8 will not be reflected in the Event Program.  They will be announced when your dog runs and will also be posted on this website in the Run Order along with the your dog.  See what you get with a sponsorship; click the Sponsor a Dog button at the top.

There is information about each handler and dog (and a picture of the dog) on the “Sponsor a Dog” page.  There is general information about Border Collies and the competition on the “Border Collies” page and “Competition Page.”

Absolutely.  Contact our Festival Manager, Judy!  There is more info and an email button on the ‘About Us’ page.

Tickets sold online are discounted from tickets sold at the gate and are available up until 7:59 a.m. of the day of competition that you are buying. Purchase here.  Tickets at the gate are on a credit or debit card basis only — no cash sales.

Most vendors accept credit/debit cards, but you may want to bring some cash.  There may be an ATM on site.  Tickets purchased at the gate are credit/debit cards only, no cash purchases for tickets.

NO!  Parking is included in the price of the tickets.

Absolutely but it is credit/debit cards only.  NO CASH SALES for tickets.

The Event is rain or shine. Tickets purchased for Friday are discounted so may not be used on another day.   Tickets purchased either online or at the gate for Sat., Sun and Monday can be used any day.  Once you go in, that is your day!  No refunds for weather.  BUT FYI – the dogs runs great in the rain!