May 24-27, 2024 - Memorial Day Weekend
8am - 4pm Daily, Competition & Festival


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Sheepdog Competition

Our 2024 Judge

Patrick Shannahan:  Patrick judged the first Soldier Hollow Classic in 2003 and we are excited to have him back to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Event.  Patrick got his start in the livestock industry without the help of dogs. He soon learned that a dog could do the work of several men and women. His dogs have now become a full-time business.  Patrick is recognized as one of North America’s leading handlers, judges, trainers and clinicians. He has twice won the National Finals, most recently in 2010 with his accomplished dog, Redtop Riggs.  Riggs was also the Nursery Reserve Champion in 2005. His first National win was in 1994 with Hannah, also his first trial dog, and many of Patrick’s dogs go back to Hannah.  

Our 2024 Set-Out Crew

Chris Jobe and Liz Stenning will be the 2024 set-out team, bringing a wealth of experience to the job.  Chris is the owner and trainer of Canine Solutions, which specializes in training, trialing and breeding working border collies in southern Albertas. Border collies became an integral part of my life when I  started ranching in 1994. I got my first border collie ‘Tuck’ soon after and have since devoted a good share of my time to training and working them.  Liz is from Kimberly, Oregon, where she raises and trains border collies and kelpies.  She actively trials and helps set out at numerous trials.

2024 Yearling Rambouillet Ewes

The Okelberry Rambouillet yearling ewes will return again this year to challenge the handler-dog teams at Soldier Hollow. Wintering over the vast lands of the Utah-Nevada “west desert,” these sheep must fend off a host of predators on open range. Every handler that has run on them has described them as being among the most challenging sheep they have faced. These yearling range ewes are individually selected for even size, condition and confirmation. They have not been worked by dog and have rarely been around people. They are “the ultimate test.” Both Brian and Ann are fifth generation sheep ranchers and we are excited to have bring their sheep back to Soldier Hollow.The result are sheep self selected for generations for their ability to survive in dangerous terrain. They are athletic, tough and very wary. One handler called them “wicked.” They are “the ultimate test.”

Competition Course and Scoring

The trial course is set to test the dog’s ability to maneuver sheep in a clam, controlled manner. There are six scored parts to a course run, each designated to test a skill that working dogs need to help a shepherd with the daily management of sheep. While the layout of the course may vary slightly from trial to trial, depending on terrain, this trial, follows this general layout as all approved trials.

On the left, is a typical scoresheet for the preliminary runs.  The United States Border Collie Association (USBCHA) has adopted Judging Guidelines which are followed at all USBCHA sanctioned as well as here at Soldier Hollow.  

For a description of each element of the course and the how it is scored, tap or click the button.