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From the first day Carl met Peg, they have been inseparable. Being relatively new to trailing, the learning curve is a huge obstacle to over come. Carl bought Peg as a seasoned open dog, which helped make this a bit easier.  Everyday that they practice, Carl says he learns more, and Peg will show him more of what he still needs to learn.  She is the perfect partner, teaching and bringing him into to world of open sheepdog trials.  Peg is an experienced open trial competitor, having competed at the USBCHA National Finals.  For a border collie, she is small in size. When she is off the field, her calm personality, and soft loving attitude over shadows her stature.  When she walks on to the field of sheep, though she be but small, she is fierce.
Carl has been a commercial advertising photographer for 35 years with a very successful in this career.  His art work has been exhibited in major galleries across the US and Europe.