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Deal, Dianne – KATE


This playful dog is also a great working dog, giving  her all every time she works or trials.

Dianne Deal is from Caldwell, Idaho where she raises and trains sheepdogs and provides lessons and clinics.

Sold Out!



Kate is a 10 year old female that Dianne bred, raised and trained. According to Dianne, Kate is all that she could want in both a farm dog and a trial dog. She works cattle and sheep and has won many of the top trials in the Northwest. She’s had wins at Vashon SDT, Goring Ranch, McCormack Ranch, Little Horse Mountain, and Palm Cottage Farm. She’s a kind dog with a huge work ethic that gives her all, every time.  Kaet is also a playful dog that manages to entertain herself.

Dianne has been competing for over  25 years. Like many others who now run border collies Dianne was also a successfully horse trainer and competitor. She still rides, but has focused her efforts or training, teaching, competing and breeding border collies. She was the USBCHA Breeder of the Year in 2010. She runs about 35 ewes for breeding – Perendales, Scotties and Kerry Hills. Dianne offers clinics individual instruction and custom training and she often has puppies and started dogs available for sale.