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Peg – Carl Clark

From the first day Carl met Peg, they have been inseparable. Being relatively new to trailing, the learning curve is a huge obstacle to over come. Carl bought Peg as a seasoned open dog, which helped make this a bit

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Pip – Scott Glen

Pip is a three-year-old, black and white, smooth coated Border Collie.  Pip was born in Scotland and was brought over to Canada when he was 10 weeks old. The moment he stepped out of the crate, Scott and Jenny started

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June – Shauna Gourley

June is owned by Shauna Gourley of Plain City, Utah. June is a four-year-old tricolor, smooth coated Border Collie.  She is out of Jep, a dog also running here at Soldier.  Shauna says that June is the “fun police” at home –

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Terra – Shauna Gourley

TERRA, handled by SHAUNA GOURLEY (Plain City, Utah).  Terra is a six-year-old, tricolor, rough coated Border Collie.  Terra is kind of at the bottom of the totem pole in Shauna’s pack, but she makes up for it on sheep.  Terra

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Annie – Beverly Lambert

Annie is handled by Bev Lambert from Andover, Conn.  Annie was imported as a pup from the UK.   Amanda Milliken, also a handler her, imported out of the litter and gave Bev a chance to have one.  The litter

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Lee – Beverly Lambert

Lee is handled by Beverly Lambert of Connecticut.  A seven-year old female, Beverly raised and trained her.  She is the daughter of two dogs she ran for several years including at Soldier Hollow, Nan and Joe. Lee’s grandmother ran at

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Storm – Gordon Watt

Storm is handled by Gordon Watt, who is originally from Ireland and now living in Illinois.  A 10-year old, Storm is a please dog to have around – just a happy guy — loves kids, which can be unusual for

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Dude – Gordon Watt

Dude is a three-year old male, handled by Gordon Watt, originally from Ireland and now living in Illinois.  Dud is a young dog running in open for the first time this year.  He competed in the USBCAH 2021 Nursery trials

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