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Basson, Faansie – JACK


The 2020 Purina Dog of the Year and 2021 Bluegrass Champion returns with his South African handler, Faansie Basson.

Faansie Basson, a top handler from South Africa, now lives in Hico, Texas.

Sold Out!



Jack is a 7-year-old Border Collie.  He was the 2021 Bluegrass Classic Champion and the 2020 Purina Dog of the Year, and World Team member.  Jack is a good listener and consistent worker. Faansie is from South Africa and is back at Soldier Hollow for the fourteenth time. One of South Africa’s dominant handlers, he is now one of North American’s leading handlers – a handler greatly respected throughout the world. Faansie and his family came to the United States in December 2014 and are now living in Texas.  Faansie travels all over the U.S., giving lessons and clinics and competing with his fine dogs. In addition to raising, training and selling border collies, the Bassons also raise and sell border terriers.