Sold Out!

Milliken, Amanda – HOWELL


With Covid travel restrictions lifted, Amanda Milliken returns this year with her champion dog, Howell — always a crowd favorite!

Amanda lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, is a former Gold Medalist, Bronze and Silver Medalist here at  Soldier Hollow.

Sold Out!



Howell is an 11-year old border collie – a shy kindly dog that will tackle any job and does that and trialing very successfully.  He was the 2016 Bronze Medalist at Soldier Hollow, sharing the podium with Amanda’s Dorey. The year before he was the Silver Medalist, again sharing the podium with Dorey. He is a two-time Meeker Champion. His record this year includes nine top ten finishes. He is out of Amanda’s great dog Monty and Barbara Ray’s Stella. Monty has sired four dogs running this year’s in Soldier Hollow.  as seven-time Canadian Champion and a former Gold and Bronze Medalist. She is a two-time Soldier Hollow winner, four-time Meeker winner, a USBCHA National Champion, and USBCHA National Nursery Champion and Reserve Champion. As a 35-year veteran of the sport, she is one of the most respected competitors in the world and as an articulate voice for our sport. As always, she is a real threat to return to Soldier Hollow medal stand on Monday.