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Burkey, Ron – ROCKY


Rocky is an experienced and accomplished trial dog and has been successful in a number of major trials.

Ron Burkey is from Boerne, Texas.

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Rocky is a 9-year-old, Border Collie that was bred by Dennis Gellings from Canada, a former SH Champion. According to Ron, Rocky thinks of only two things – working sheep and eating. Fortunately, he is good at both. Rocky has been a National Champion Finalist twice as well as a Meeker Finalist and was second in the 2021 Texas Finals. He is also a member of the US World Team. Rocky’s handler, Ron Burkey, is from Texas and has been active in the trialing community for many years. Ron got his first dog to help him move goats. At the time, he said he had no interest in trialing. In spite of that, he started trialing and averages 12,000 miles a year with his dogs.