Sold Out!

Gellings, Dennis – SOOT


Former Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist, Dennis Gellings, returns to Soldier Hollow, having missed last year because of covid travel restrictions from Canada.  He is here with two dogs.

Dennis is from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

Sold Out!



Soot is a 5-year old female – a dog always willing to help and has done well in the sheepdog trials. Soot is handled by Dennis Gellings. Over the years, there have been many top husband and wife teams competing at Soldier Hollow. Dennis and Jean have set themselves apart by being the first couple in which both parties have won the gold medal.  Jean in 2010 and Dennis in 2017! In 2010, Dennis was poised to take home the Bronze Medal but one of the last competitors knocked him out of the medals – that was his wife, Jean, who finished first. In 2017, it was his turn with a score of 151. Dennis is one of Canada’s most respected trainers and competitors, having won the Canadian Nationals twice and also having won both first and reserve at the Meeker Classic.  If you’re ever close to where Dennis is talking sheepdogs, you’ll be drawn in by his infectious laugh and the passion in his voice as he talks about working young dogs. Dennis offers clinics, individual instruction and occasionally has trained dogs for sale.