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Phelps, Brent – RHYS


A young 3-year old, this dog has an exciting future on the trial field.

Brent, a well-known photographer and former University Professor, comes from Valley Mills, Texas.

Sold Out!



Rhys is a 3-year old Border Collie — the name is Welsh and is pronounced Reese.  He is proving to be one of the best trial dogs that Brent has ever owned.  He is extremely talented and has at the desire to please.  Doing as well as he is at this young age, Brent is extremely excited about his future.

Brent is a well-established professional photographer and taught photography for 36 years, including teaching high school on the Navajo/Hope Indian Reservation in Tuba City Arizona, at Sam Houston State University, and then finally at the University of North Texas. From 1997 to 2002, Brent made an extensive photographic survey of the trans-Mississippi West explored by Lewis and Clark. Inspired by the dedication and resolve of the Corps, he set out to trace their route, beginning in Clarksville, Ind., where Lewis and Clark joined forces in 1803, and ending up at the Pacific Ocean, where the survey team camped in 1805 before returning home. He has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship. Mr. Phelps has exhibited nationally and internationally, including the traveling exhibition organized by the Amon Carter Museum entitled, “Brent Phelps: Photographing The Lewis and Clark Trail.”