Sold Out!

Vishoot, Laura – BRIX


Although a bit challenging to train in the beginning, Brix has stepped up and is just about everything Laura wants in a dog.

Laura lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon with her husband, dogs and sheep.

Sold Out!



Brix is a 6-year old female out of Ricky Hutchinson’s Sweep and imported from England.  Laura and her friend imported two puppies from the litter.  Laura found Brix a “bit challenging” to train.  She was almost “too happy” so that when Laura wasn’t pleased, Brix would just shake it off and kind of do things her way.  As a result, she did not train up as fast as Laura hoped but, when things clicked into place, Laura says that she was all that she had hoped for.

Laura first started herding when she lived in Seattle, a difficult place to work dogs.  She and her husband, Steve, ultimately chose a rural, farming lifestyle in Cottage Grove, Oregon where they raise commercial sheep, raise and train border collies, and host sheepdog related events. It’s hard work but they consider themselves very lucky to be able to do it. Laura has been working and participating in trials with border collies for over two decades and has served on the USBCHA Board of Directors.  Besides pursuing her own interests in training dogs and competing, Laura has always given back to the sport in the ways through mentoring, teaching, hosting clinics and trials.