Sold Out!

Nichols, Kelsey – BEN


Ben is both trial dog and ranch help and will compete for the first time at Soldier Hollow.

Kelsey lives in Rio Vista, California, where she is the Ranch and Sheep Manager for McCormack Sheep & Grain.

Sold Out!



Ben is a 4-year-old Border Collie and one of Kelsey’s main dogs on the ranch for two years.  He is very keen and always gives 100%.  This is his first year in open and his first trial year and already has multiple top finishes.  He’s ready to tackle the Soldier Hollow Hill.

Kelsey Nichols is the Ranch Manager and Shepherd for the McCormack Ranch in Rio Vista, California.  The McCormack ranch has provided natural quality meats and grains since 1896. The ranch owners are committed  to sustainable farming established by Jeanne’s grandfather over a century ago – the animals are pasture-fed and range free, grazing in large (200 – 300 acre) pastures, given no antibiotics or hormones and handled using low-stress, humane methods.  Kelsey, now a full time sheep rancher, grew up with horses and playing the oboe.