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White, Bryan – BRAE


Brae loves to play and loves to work and does both with enthusiasm!

Bryan lives in Bend, Oregon.

Sold Out!



Brae is a 9-year-old Border Collie. Bryan and Brae qualified for the double lift here in 2019. Brae is a playful dog and still acts like a pup, even at 9. Bryan describes Brae as a very forward dog and can move any sheep. He “has a ton of heart.” Bryan kind of fell into the sheepdog world about eleven years ago. He surfed for many years and was always near the ocean. He rescued a dog that was part border collie and someone told him it was a herding dog and that he ought to see if it had any instinct. Not having really any idea what it was all about, he had an instinct test and became intrigued. He bought his first border collie, Scoop, off the internet and was fortunate to get a good dog right from the start. He was hooked, and the rest is history, and a big change from surfing.