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Phelps, Brent – PETE


Pete is the 2021 Texas Reserve Champion who prefers to ride in the front seat of the truck so he can enjoy the air conditioning.

Brent Phelps is a photographer and retired University Professor now living in Valley Mills, Texas where he has Cheviot and Dorper cross sheep.

Sold Out!



Pete’s success as a trial dog began in 2016 at the National Finals when he placed third in the nursery class.  Since that time, he has gone on to become an outstanding open dog.  He is the 2021 Texas Reserve Champion. In addition to Pete’s trial success, he is a wonderful companion and friend.  He is extremely biddable and gives his all to please on the trial field.  In 2018, Brent was afraid Pete’s trial career had come to an end when he was rolled by a large wool ewe.  As a result of the collision, Pete’s right eye was severely damaged and they feared they could not save his eye.  Using the tissue from the small intestine of a pig, the veterinarian stitched grafts over the laceration to his cornea.  Amazingly, after weeks of medication and visits to the specialist, they determined that the grafts healed clear, restoring Pete’s vision.  As a result of the ordeal, Pete learned to love riding in the passenger seat of the pickup where he could enjoy the air conditioning.

Brent is a well-established professional photographer and taught photography for 36 years, including teaching high school on the Navajo/Hope Indian Reservation in Tuba City Arizona, at Sam Houston State University, and then finally at the University of North Texas. From 1997 to 2002, Brent made an extensive photographic survey of the trans-Mississippi West explored by Lewis and Clark. Inspired by the dedication and resolve of the Corps, he set out to trace their route, beginning in Clarksville, Ind., where Lewis and Clark joined forces in 1803, and ending up at the Pacific Ocean, where the survey team camped in 1805 before returning home.