Clawson, Carol – TIMP


Timp — lives and trains just 3 miles from Soldier Hollow in Charleston Utah, and is handled by Carol Clawson, the Competition Manager

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Timp and Carol are the true “locals” at the trial, living just three miles away in Charleston, Utah.  Timp is an 8–year-old Border Collie.  Although generally shy and reserved and, in the past, would never think of getting on furniture, he now believes that he is entitled to a bed whenever he travels.  Timp has been called a “negotiator” for his quiet, but usually persuasive way with sheep. Carol particularly likes that he has “no tension,” noting that he is a joy to work and trial.  Carol is our Competition Manager and, along with our Festival Manager, Judy Klautt, are the new owners and manager of the Soldier Hollow Classic.T