Sold Out!

Lambert, Beverly – LEE


Beverly is unable to attend this year so Lee has been scratched.  We will miss having both of them at Soldier Hollow this year.

Sold Out!



Lee is a 7-year old female, raised and trained by Beverly Lambert.  She is the daughter of two dogs she ran for several years including at Soldier Hollow, Nan and Joe. Lee’s grandmother ran at Soldier Hollow and her aunt, Jean Gelling’s Star, won the trial. Lee has been running in the open class since she was two years old, but it is only in the past two years that she has settled down and become truly competitive. She is a very forward dog with a lot of push, and it has taken some considerable experience to temper that enthusiasm with enough maturity to make her easier to handle. Apparently, it has now come together for Lee and Beverly as was the 2021 the Purina Field Trial Champion.  Beverly is one of only two handlers to win two Gold Medals at Soldier Hollow with her great dog, Pippa.  With her thirty years of experience, Beverly is a threat to win any trial she enters, and she is an articulate spokesperson for the sport.