Lambert, Beverly – LEE


Whatever Beverly asks Lee to do, she manages to get it done, “usually pretty fast.”  Let’s watch her “get it done” this year at Soldier Hollow

This award winning dog is handled by Beverly Lamber, a two-time Soldier Hollow Gold Medalist from Andover, Conn.

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Lee is a 9-year old female, raised and trained by Beverly Lambert.  She is the daughter of two dogs she ran for several years including at Soldier Hollow, Nan and Joe. Lee has won very many trials in her career and was the 2021 Purina Field Trial Dog of the Year, an annual award honoring North America’s top winning field trial herding dog from trials held throughout the year.  Beverly said it took Lee about four years to settle into a competent, trustworthy sheepherding partner and Beverly is pleased with the results. “Lee is a strong, aggressive dog who is hard to handle,” but Bev says that she really suits her.

Beverly is one of only two handlers to win two Gold Medals at Soldier Hollow with her great dog, Pippa.  With her thirty years of experience, Beverly is a threat to win any trial she enters, and she is an articulate spokesperson for the sport. Beverly describes sheepdog trials as the place where the dogs are “judged one against the other by their work, not by their looks.”