Sold Out!

Gode, Hans – KATE


Local handler and volunteer, Hans Gode is running Kate.  Looks like Kate has accepted the Hans’ and Jennifer’s new baby by finding a bed of her own.

Hans is from Oakley, Utah.

Sold Out!



Kate is a 7-year old Border Collie and Hans’ first open trial dog.  A great attitude with people, Hans claims Kate will never jump on you (good dog), but she does kind of enjoy a nap on the bed (bad dog?).  She has a ton of heart on the field and never gives up.  Kate ran here last year for the first time and is ready for the challenge again this year. Hans was introduced to sheepdog trialing when he ran into a neighbor moving sheep up the road late one evening.  Curious about the livestock and the dog, Hans later introduced himself to the neighbor, who was Mark Peterson the event founder.  Mark gave him tickets to the trial and encouraged him to talk to some handlers.  Look where that led him.  When not working and trialing dogs, Hans has a real job as a Delta pilot and new dad!