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Ferraro, Mich – DAHLIA


The beautiful dog, Dahlia, is a second open dog run by Mich Ferraro.

Mich is an equine veterinarian  and “foodie” from Millerton, NY.

Sold Out!



According to Mich, Dahlia is probably the most beautiful dog she hasever owned and the smartest. She has taught her so much about handling. She is very talented and expects Mich to be as smart as she is about what the sheep need. They have grown to be quite confident in each other. Mich won the “Shining Star Award” at Meeker in 2011 and, since then has continued to excel with a number of dogs.  In addition to training and trialing sheepdogs and trialing sheepdogs and taking care of her sheep, Mich has a full-time practice as an equity veterinarian with a special interest in equine sports medicine.  Mich also describes herself as a “foodie,” with a love for good food and wine.