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Close, Norm – BOB


Bob is the talented “bob tail” border collie running here for the first time.

Norm Close, originally from England, now lives in Viola, Idaho.

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Bob is “Bob” because he was born with a little bob tail. He is a very talented dog, practically trained himself. He is excellent at shedding and holding sheep. He has an excellent personality and is wonderful to live with.

Norm is a former Canadian National Champion with his tremendous dog Joe, who retired in 2007 after running at Soldier Hollow. Norm has competed several times here at Soldier Hollow, making it to the Double Lift final. Norm was raised on a farm in England and has spent his life handling livestock. In 1980, he immigrated to Alberta, Canada to work as a herdsman. Norm believes in helping a dog to succeed and showing the dog how to do it right so they don’t learn how to do it wrong. Now living in Idaho with his wife, Vickie.  Norm offers clinics, instruction, and sometimes has pups, started and trained dogs for sale.

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