Sold Out!

Lumb, Lee – COLT


Lee joins us this year from Canada with her big,  handsome dog, Colt – a dog with expressive eyes that lets you know the he might just have a little different plan than his handler.

Lee lives in Coldstream, British Columbia with her husband on their 40-acre farm.

Sold Out!



Colt is a big handsome 7-year old boy with expressive amber eyes and a coat that takes a lot of work to look after.  He loves people and likes to hang out with Lee and her husband or just Lee wherever they are about the farm.  Lee likes how he wants to please and tries to do whatever Lee asks of him on sheep but, off sheep, he can have attitude and makes it quite clear with his eyes and expression when he is not happy about doing what asked to do. He reads his sheep well and sheep respect him. He has placed in many trials and has qualified for and competed in the US Finals.  Last year he placed 7th in the double lift at the CBCA Finals (Canadian Finals).

Lee lives in Coldstream, British Columbia, in the scenic Okanagan Valley.  Lee and her husband are both retired (Lee from social work and her husband from education) but they now farm forty irrigated acres. They produce hay and have sixty hair sheep that are primarily used in Lee’s year-round training facility. Besides the farm work,Lee is involved with custom training, lessons, trials and clinics throughout the year.  She gives lessons but also have people book time to come practice on her sheep.  This makes it possible for people to pursue herding with their dogs as not everyone can live on a farm with sheep! People come with their RV and camp on their property while they take lessons and practice with their dogs.  It is difficult to own sheep and have a farm and get away to dog trials – luckily Lee’s husband loves to golf so he prefers to stay home and go golfing rather than go to trials and “watch paint dry”.