Sold Out!

Milliken, Amanda – CARL


A two-time Gold Medalist, Amanda remarks that this is “a first for me to run this one,” and she’ll tell us more about him after the qualifying runs here.

A former medalist here on multiple occasions, Amanda comes from Kingston, Ontario.

Sold Out!


Carl is a young 3-year-old dog that Amanda imported from England when he was 10 weeks old.  Amanda says that, post pandemic, she is moving onto younger dogs and Carl is top of the list.  She has loved training him and looks forward to seeing what he can do at Soldier Hollow. Amanda was first introduced to border collies four decades ago when her sister, who had worked with border collies and sheep in England, brought a dog to help them with their sheep. She now divides her time between her dogs, a flock of 130 North Country Cheviot ewes, four Welsh Cobs (larger native Welsh ponies) and her responsibilities as the CEO of a cardiac care company, Home Cardiographics. She offers clinics, and sometimes has puppies, trained and started dogs for sale.