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Sittner, Kristin – SPY


This water loving border collie (affectionately referred to as a “border trout”) still prefers herding to swimming.

Kristin is from Layton Utah and is not only running a dog here but also performs the agility and herding demonstrations at the event.

Sold Out!



Spy is a 10-year-old Border Collie. Spy completed successfully in Nursery classes, winning Kristin the Nursery Rookie award in 2013.   Spy has continued her success in Open with big wins like the open preliminary round of 130 dogs at Meeker in 2018.  Next to herding, Sky’s favorite activities including playing with kids and swimming.  Her friends affectionately call her a “border trout” because of her affinity to water.

Kristin starting training dogs in 2002 with a Shetland Sheepdog who became her first farm dog and introduced her to the world of dog training.  Kristin owns Versa Dog Sports in Layton Utah where she teaches puppy classes, obedience, rally, and agility. Kristin has several agility national wins with Spy’s mother, Tag, her sister Spec, and her son, Solo. You can watch Kristin and her agility dogs weave, jump, and run through tunnels in agility demonstrations here at Soldier Hollow.