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Strang, Bridget – ACE


This young dog, Ace, will have is first “try” at the Soldier Hollow hill this year.

Bridget is from Carbondale, CO and hosts the USBCHA Finals every third year.

Sold Out!



Ace is a 2-year old dog with “a lot of try” and one of the youngest dogs running this year.  Bridget is the “sun to his universe,” and she tries hard not to let him down.  Ben is out home-bred, out of Bridget’s Ben and Flicka. Bridget Strang and her family have hosted the USBCHA National Finals three years at their beautiful Strang Ranch in Carbondale Colorado – a major effort and terrific event.  While seemingly immersed in sheepdogs and sheepdog trials, Bridget is a horse trainer by trade and teaching others to ride and compete. She has been on the farm and around horses her whole life, eventing at the advanced level for several years and showing cutting horses at the Western States Championship.