Williams, Noelle – JUMPIN’ W CLAY


Qualifying as a young dog at the Carbird trial in Washington, this 4 year old male is here at Soldier Hollow for the first time.

His handler, Noelle, lives in Winlock, Washington where she has approximately 70 head of Katahdin sheep.

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JumpinW’ Clay is a 4-year old bred and raised by Noelle.  Clay is a level-headed worker with medium eye and some feel for his sheep.  He is extremely biddable and an excellent listener.  He tends to be kind to his sheep and calm..  A quick learner that missed his “Nursery year” due to Covid, as a 3-year old he placed 14th in the 2021 National Finals Open, advancing to the Double Lift Finals. The next week, he was Reserve in the Double Lift Final at the Catbird SDT, qualifying him to run here at Soldier Hollow.

Noelle raised a hand spinner flock in Alaska from 1989 to 2005.  She raised and trained her first Border Collie in the 1980’s,”which was before everything,” so the only way for her to learn how to train a herding dog was to fly to the lower-48 for clinics, or fly the lower-48 up to Alaska. Noelle also had to fly to the lower-48 to earn enough trial points to compete in USBCHA Finals for a decade, until she moved the farm to the lower-48 in 2005.  JumpinW Farm now raises Katahdin sheep and resides in western Washington state. With the love and support of her husband, Dan Williams, Noelle has raised, trained and competed with dogs from my own breeding for over 30 years, as well as selling pups, trained dogs and helping others train their dogs.