May 24-27, 2024 - Memorial Day Weekend
8am - 4pm Daily, Competition & Festival


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Sunday Run Order

1 08:00 AM 1 Jenny Glen Kid 85 Dr. Kim Henneman, Animal Health VIPs, Park City, UT, The Brown Family, Sandy, UT and Kei Yamamoto, NY
2 2 Shauna Gourley June 74 Trae Loos, IFA Country Store, Ogden, UT and Rick Campbell, Willow Creek Pet Center, Cottonwood Hts., UT
3 3 Scott Johnson Hope 82 Midway Mercantile, Midway, UT and Parsons Behle & Latimer, SLC, UT
4 4 Terry Murry Jill 78 Ashlee Conterio, Spanish Fork, UT and Kim Wilson, Berkshire Hathaway, Park City, UT
5 09:00 AM 5 Scott Glen Pip 84 Alexi Wilcox, Provo, UT and Duffs Leathercare Products, Bob Bennett, Heber City, UT
6 6 Faansie Basson Finn 91 Rocking Spade Leather, Heber City, UT and Susan Proctor, Carbondale, CO
7 7 Fernando Loiola-Alves Josh 78 Michelle Zipperman, Burian, WA and Marla Corey Loiola, Arlington, WA; Linda Budd, Spring City, UT
8 8 George Stambulic Sweep 87 Labrum Auto, Heber City, UT and Marcayla Weidenbacher, West Valley City, UT
9 9 Joe Haynes Davey 82 Jonas Misluck, Open Star Goldens, Lehi, UT and Labrum Auto, Heber City, UT
10 10:00 AM 10 Beverly Lambert Lee 86 The Carter Family, Cedar Hills, UT and The Bowles/Olson Families, Layton, UT
11 11 Kay Stephens Jade 52 Joanne Hardy, Caldwell,TX and Wasatch Veterinary Large Animal, SLC, UT
12 12 Carol Clawson Ben 81 Ryan & Missy Hanneman, Louisiana and Charleston, UT and Liinda Budd, Spring City, UT
13 13 Loreli Judd Dove 62 Weber River Feed & Supply, Coalville, UT and Rocky Mountain K9 Boarding, Park City and Ogden, UT
14 14 Mich Ferraro Quark 90 K-9 Search & Dog Team, Joi and Calie, Tooele, UT and Lise Andersen Tabletop SDT, Larkspur, CO
15 11:00 AM 15 Russell McCord Zeb 55 Michele Carr, Midway, UT and David Payne, SLC, UT
16 16 Amanda Milliken Dar 84 Linda Budd, Spring City, UT and Diana Wickman, Falmouth, MA; Judy Pickell, Woodland Hills, UT
17 17 Christine Koval Tru 65 Linda Hotchkiss, Great Barrington, MA and Anne Wheatley, Warkworth, ON
18 18 Brianna Henderson MISR Nike 84 Steve & Sheri Wight, Mill Iron S Ranch Border Collies, Bancroft, ID and Joan Whitaker, Eagle, ID
19 19 Lise Andersen Peak 45 Uintah Fireplace, Heber City and SLC, UT and Chop Shop Butchery & Restaurant, Park City, UT
20 12:00 PM 20 Karen Zamora Brad 75 Laurie Muggee Fitness Training, Plain City, UT and Kevi Stott Insurance, Hyrum, UT
21 21 Norm Close Bob DQ Pamela & Larry Stevenson, Park City, UT and Toronto, ON and Rocky Mountain K9 Boarding, Park City and Ogden, UT
22 22 Vickie Close Abby 86 Mary Jones, Orem, UT and Mike and Heidi Brandon, Bradenton, FL
23 23 Paul Batz Mya DQ Mike & Heidi Brandon, Bradenton, FL and Connor, Claire, and Caysen Mott, Livonia, NY
24 24 Hans Gode Kate 79 Linda Budd, Spring City, UT and Michelle English, Unleashed Doggy Adventures, Samak, UT
25 01:00 PM 25 Amanda Milliken Tui 86 Shannon Seibt & Jessie Howes, West Bountiful, UT and Heber Valley Meat, Heber City, UT
26 26 Milton Scott Doc 73 Labrum Auto, Heber City, UT and Sandra Jones, Park City, UT
27 27 Faansie Basson Jack 92 Scott & Sharon Dowell, IA and Heber Valley Meat, Heber City, UT; Shalene Moore, Springville, UT
28 28 Shauna Gourley Terra 87 The Stanley Family, Park City, UT and Patsy Dickens, Tuscon, AZ
29 29 Kay Stephens Sweep 74 Dania Fitgerald & Mark London, Bethseda, MD and Robbie Hull and Jana London, Berkeley, CA Robert Frear, Lakewood, CA
30 02:00 PM 30 Joe Haynes Jill 71 Parsons Behle & Latimer, SLC, UT and Karen Snepp, Kirkland, WA
31 31 Jenny Glen Shorty 61 Pam Reeves, Battle Ground, WA and Emily Falk, Galax, VA
33 33 Mary Minor Hazel 69 Georgette Leventis, SLC, UT and Suzanne Goodfellow, Heber City, UT
34 34 Bridget Strang Bill 79 Fox Pilates, Heber City, UT and Grand Valley Bank, Midway, UT
35 03:00 PM 35 Scott Maxfield Lass 85 Layton Veterinary Hospital, Layton, UT and The Blonquist Family (Klara, Anderson, Martha and Brandon)
36 36 Noelle Williams Clay 85 Labrum Auto, Heber City, UT and Blair Matson, SLC, UT
37 37 Beverly Lambert Annie 85 Laurie Sweeney, Park City, UT and Parsons Behle & Latimer, SLC, UT
38 38 Terry Murray Bishop DQ Blaire Mattson, SLC, UT and Janeen Viles, West Valley City, UT
39 39 Mike Lupow Clete 71 Heber Valley Meat, Heber City, UT and Kathie & Scott Amann, Park City, UT
40 04:00 PM 40 Scott Glen Mist 84 Kathy & Bruce Peterson, Park City, UT and Steve & Jody Oostema, Salt Lake City, UT
41 41 Russell McCord Cutter RT Ryan and Suzanne Kimball, SLC, UT and Kerry Hill Winery (Mindy Mayer), Wilder, ID
42 42 Angie Coker-Sells Pepper 84 Sydney Stringham, Salt Lake City, UT and Elyse Clawson, Hopkinton, MA
43 43 Susan Rhoades Wise 49 Cathy Benedict, Goose Dogs for Sale, Leesburg, VA and Friends of Soldier Hollow
44 44 Rebecca Gibson Queen 55 Edison Christofferson with Edward Jones, Heber City, UT and Tyrel Roberts, Orem, UT