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Ferraro, Mich – BELLA


Bella, a fun-loving, friendly dog is here with her handler Mich Ferraro.

Mich is equine veterinarian from Millerton, NY.

Sold Out!



Bella has been a dog that has always done everything Mary asks. She is cheerful and faithful. Sheep like her and she has proven to be a great partner. She is a great listener — the only dog Mich has that actually lies down when she is asked!  In addition to training and trialing sheepdogs and taking care of her 120 head commercial flock of North Country Cheviot, Mich has a full-time practice as an equine veterinarian, with a special interest in equine sports medicine. Mich also loves to hike and travel and describes herself as a “foodie” with a love for good food and wine.