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Gourley, Shauna – TERRA


Watch this speedy little dog compete at Soldier Hollow.

Terra is handled by Shauna Gourley from Plain City, Utah (and Alamo Nevada).

Sold Out!



Terra is a 7-year-old Border Collie.  Terra is kind of at the bottom of the totem pole in Shauna’s pack, but she makes up for it on sheep.  Terra is a speedy little dog and, when she misses a command, she tries to fix it just as fast as the original mistake – sometimes it works; sometimes “not so much.”  Terra’s handler, Shauna Gourley, has competed at a national level in dog agility and obedience competition for over thirty years. Like many training enthusiasts, she found a new challenge in the sheepdog trial competition, where she has become one of the country’s top competitors.

Shauna was the 2019 Reserve National Champion with her great dog, Jade, now retired.  Shauna is a top handler, recognized nationwide with repeated finishes here at Soldier Hollow as well as Meeker, the National Finals and other trials. Shauna has been instrumental in introducing the sport of herding to the local community and she continues to teach both herding and obedience.