Sold Out!

Haynes, Joe – DAVEY


Last year’s Gold Medalists returns hoping one of his dogs can follow in his Champion Pepper’s example.  His first year in Open, Joe Hayne’s Davey, consistently places in the top 10%.

Joe is from Bellingham, Washington, where he runs around 100 North Country Cheviot sheep.

Sold Out!



Davey, a 6-year-old Border Collie, just began his open career this year.  When Covid came along, trials in Joe’s territory stopped for nearly two years, leaving Davey with little experience on the trial field but, when it was time to trial again, he popped into Open right away and demonstrated that he belonged there by regularly placing in the top 10%.  Jim is a half-brother to Joe’s other dog, Jim, both out of his great dog, Keally, and this will be his first time at Soldier Hollow.  Joe is a busy fellow with a farm and a busy family.  Juggling sleep, his son’s lacrosse or basketball, a 9-5 job and dogs can be a challenge, but Joe says he wouldn’t change anything.  He’s had some great trialing, winning overalls at some prominent trials, including his Gold Medal here at Soldier Hollow last year.