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Minor, Mary – ZIYA


This little athletic dog that is “all in” when she works sheep returns to Soldier Hollow for the second time.

Mary is from Dayton Nevada, living on the Coffee Trail Ranch and is as passionate about sheepdog trials as her dogs are.

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Ziya is out of Mary’s good dog Feist who she has run at Soldier Hollow several times. Much to Mary’s chagrin, they missed out on two years of trialing (and sadly training) due to Covid. As a veterinarian during this time…. Mary even found it difficult to find the time and energy to train adequately. Ziya is an incredibly athletic girl who is “all in” in the TRY department. “This girl just keeps on getting better and better,” she has a wonderful way with the Western Range Ewes. She has been in the top of many open trials and has successfully completed several double lift trials.

Mary is a Nevada native – a product of  7 generations of Nevadans who have, historically, been involved in the ranching and agricultural industry. Mary’s  first exposure to the working Border Collie was from her Great Aunt and Uncle’s ranch as a young child.  She did not acquire her own herding dog until she rescued a 5 week old Border Collie in her veterinary practice around 20 years ago. She was intrigued with her innate intelligence, and thus started down the sheepdog herding pathway.  Mary was the co-host of the 2022 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals, held for the first time in Nevada. She has served on the USBCHA Board of Directors and is currently volunteering as Vice President of the American Border Collie Association. Mary is passionate about preserving the border collie breed and being an ambassador for the open field trialling sport that showcases their incredible talents.  Her own talents include a personal 6 minute RUBIX cube record.

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