Sold Out!

Minor, Mary – ZIYA


This young teammate, Ziya is  running for the first time at Soldier Hollow but the other member of the team, Mary Minor, has been here before with Ziya’s mom.

Mary is from Carson City, Nev. and is hosting this year’s National Sheepdog Finals.

Sold Out!



Ziya is a 4-year-old female out of Mary’s dog Feist, who has competed here at Soldier Hollow 7 times. Ziya is Mary’s young dog and while her profession (a veterinarian) was considered “essential,” her young dog missed out on her nursery and ProNovice year and a “boat-load of training.” That said, Ziya is clever, athletic and “all in” – and has become a good teammate in a short time. Mary is from a 5th generation Nevada ranch family and, until recently, owned several businesses including the Dayton Valley Veterinary Hospital.  As she notes, “time has always been a scarce commodity and, during the summer months, she would often get up a 4:00 a.m. and train dogs at sunrise before seeing her first client at 7:30.