Stephens, Kay – SWEEP


Sweep should could be referred to as the “Energizer BC.”  He enthusiastically loves everyone and is equally enthusiastic about demanding some attention.  This silly dog, however, settles down on sheep.

Sweep’s handler, Kay Stephens, is from Normangee, Texas.

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Sweep is a 5-year old Border Collie, running her at Soldier Hollow for the first time.  He is truly a very, very silly boy who loves to play tug with just about anything and is pretty demanding about getting attention from anyone who walks by him and his demands can only be characterized as energetically demanding!.  He also makes a funny, but friendly growling noise when he gets a good pet.  Although a bit overly energetic, he settles down on his sheep and doesn’t take any nonsense.  He is run by Kay Stephens.  As a practicing veterinarian, Kay has devoted much of her time to dog behavior and training. She has studied with many of the top behaviorists and trainers in the country, including trainers at Sea World. Her specialty is the use of operant conditioning and classical conditioning to modify animal behavior. Kay has worked with hundreds of puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments over the past 20 years.