Zamora, Karen – SAGE


Karen Zamora from Plain City, Utah is running her 5-year old dog for the first time at Soldier Hollow

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Sage is a 5-year old Border Collie out of Don Helsley’s great dog, Wizard.  Karen loves her enthusiasm and determination.  She is bossy with everyone – the sheep and Karen’s other dogs, and maybe Karen?? While her other dogs don’t really want to play with her, she is great with the young dogs and pups . . . go figure!  This will be Sage’s first time running here at Soldier Hollow. Karen started with horses, riding everything from trick horses, racehorses, hunter jumpers and now settling in with competitive reining horses. She started with sheepdogs about eleven years ago when her pet border collie needed a job, and one thing led to another . . . and another.  She is a recently retired emergency room doctor, a job she did for over thirty years.  Now she has more time for even more dogs and horses.