Sold Out!

Close, Vickie – ABBY


A “perfect partner,” Abby will run for the first time at Soldier Hollow.

Vickie owns Farm Diggity – and you can visit her booth in the Vendor Village.  Vickie lives in Viola, Idaho with her husband, Norm, who is also competing here.

Sold Out!



Abby is a 4-year-old Border Collie from Wales.  She is a “soft, biddable girl,” and a great partner for Vickie. Vicki is a proven competitor, a repeated finalist both here and at the National Finals and the double lift champion at Idaho’s at Idaho’s Big Willow Sheepdog Trial and winning the shoot-out here at Soldier Hollow. Vickie is also a gifted artist and an award winning photographer, who does traditional painting along with photographic art.  She is now a successful entrepreneur as owner of Farm Diggity — you can visit her booth here at Soldier Hollow. Her life has centered around animals and they have played a role in her recreation, art and business– from team roping to dog agility, and now herding with her border collies. As she states: “The talent of these animals amazes me, their work ethic is unbelievable.”