Sold Out!

Henderson, Brianna – CHARLIE


Charlie, Brianna’s 7-year-old partner and “team player,” will compete at Soldier Hollow for the first time.  Brianna, who is relatively new to the sport, got Charlie as a puppy and has trained him to be a successful open dog.

Brianna lives in Logan, Utah and also volunteers here at Soldier Hollow.

Sold Out!



Charlie is an 7-year-old Border Collie.  He was Brianna’s first Border Collie and her first to train as sheepdog.  He loves to be talked to ands even as an eight-week old puppy, he would sit and just listen to whatever Brianna had to say, even for up to 15 minutes.  Brianna said she realized he had a very long attention span.  Perhaps that is why he has taken to training so well and enabled him to win two of the open classes at the Half Circle Cross Spring Sheepdog Trial this spring.  Brianna  notes that Charlie is not a natural out-runner, which makes trialing challenging, but what he lacks there he makes up by the fact that is a “100% team player.”  He was obedient from a very young age (must be that long attention span) and the most important thing to him is the partnership — he will give up his own idea if he thinks Brianna wants something different.

Brianna’s first passion was eventing (jumps on horseback) but she says sheepdogs are more fun because the communication is “easier” – dogs want to partner with you.  Some may disagree as you have to communicate with these dogs from such long distances, but Charlie is evidence that they hear a long ways away.