Stephens, Kay – JADE


Jade, the bossy girl with the other dogs, is ready to boss the sheep around with her handler Kay Stephens.  (PS – the long tongue is a family characteristics and keeps her nice and cool!)

Kay is from Normangee, Texas

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Jade is a 5-year-old, Border Collie.  Jade is very affectionate dog with people, demanding lots of attention and time on the couch next to Kay. She can get a bit grouchy and quite bossy with the other nine or so dogs that Kay owns that also want their share of the pets. Jade’s father and grandmother have both competed at Soldier Hollow, so it’s a family tradition.  Kay competes nationally in sheepdog trials. She also contributes articles for various publications about dog behavior and training.  Kay served on the Board of the Texas Sheepdog Association, where she was president for three years.  She also served on the USBCHA Board of Directors. Kay and her husband, an equine veterinarian, keep 50 head of sheep (mixed breeds) and goats.