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Eliason, Donna – ZADE


This young dog, Zade, not only runs in sheepdog trials but is featured in the book Meet Zade!: Bringing Home a New Puppy, by Milada Copeland and Donna Eliason (Zade’s owner and handler).

Donna is a local handler from Draper Utah who has volunteered at the Soldier Hollow Classic since its first year.

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Zade is a 5-year old Border Collie out of Donna’s much loved dog “Ben.” Zade has many of his father’s wonderful traits and talent. As a puppy,  Zade was very good with adult dogs, people and children. He was able to go most places with confidence and curiosity. Donna would describe him as adaptable but aloof. He was very easy to train most things.  Donna notes that Zane has taught her much — they “both keep learning and the journey is fun and rewarding!”  Zade inspired Donna to want to write a children’s book. She wanted children to read it and understand dogs have feelings too –“be kind and respect who they are! They can be your best friend and most fun playmate — that is unless they have sheep to work! They love to work!”

Donna got hooked on sheepdogs in 1998 after a trip to Meeker.  Donna has been involved with Soldier Hollow Classic since its inception, now assisting with the volunteers who help put on this trial.  In addition to her duties here at the trial, Donna has provided a multitude of dog training services on a professional level for over 30 years. She has helped thousands of Utah dog owners train their dogs for competition or to be a good pet or obedience dog.

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